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How to Add Google Plus Profile as Author Profile in Blogger Blog Posts

Blogging is the most essential tool of marketing, promoting your product online and tool to share the latest updates, news about your product. If you are using your blog on blogger platform you might have faced a problem in showing the author’s bio or profile below every blog post. Many professional websites have nice and precise Author’s bio at the end of every post. You must be wandering how they add it. If you add some code to blogger blog template, you can add author’s profile but that will be a bit difficult for those who are not tech savvy. 

Now it’s become simplest ever to add professional Author’s bio in Blogger. What you need is just to join Google plus and create your profile there. Your G+ profile will be visible below every blog post in blogger blog once you enable it.

Let’s see a step by step guide to enable Author’s bio on blogger blog. 

Add Google Plus Profile as Author’s Profile in Blogger Blog Posts :

Screenshot showing Introduction part in Google plus profile

  1. Join G+ if you are not joined already with the same email Id by which you have created blogger blog. 
  2. Create professional profile for G+. 
  3. Go to About Section –> Introduction –> Write/ Edit the bio here which you wish to see on blogger post. 
  4. Now, go to Blogger Dashboard.
  5. Select Layout.
  6. Edit Blog Posts Section
  7. Check the box of Show Author Profile Below Post as shown in the screenshot.
  8. Save the settings and check your blog.
Image showing : How to add Author's profile in Blogger blog

The Author’s bio will appear like my profile is appearing below every post. Check the screen shot shown below. 

Screenshot showing Google plus profile as Author's bio on Blogger Blog

Now, enjoy blogging more professionally on blogger blog with the ease of use and saving time. 

If you have any query or issue regarding this article or any other article here, feel free to contact. 

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  1. do you know how I would get the author profile to show only under blog posts and not on the home page where I have a small section of the post and then "Keep Reading"

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  3. bijoy chandrasekhar

    bt its not working on my blog plz help

  4. Mohammed Ali

    it is not working bro… plz help

  5. this was exactly what i was looking for thank you roofing houston

  6. Mohinee

    Please share the problem your facing.

  7. Mohinee

    Please share the problem you are facing. Thanks for the query.

  8. i am trying to do this trick in my blog but it is not working please tell me the best solution………

  9. Gaurav k

    worked perfectly fine

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