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Boost Facebook Posts Organically by Optimum Use of Hashtags

Facebook page managers must have used the Boost Post or Promote Post option to increase the reach of the Facebook post by spending extra money. Boosting post is indeed a good marketing strategy. But now, by the Facebook Hashtags, it has become possible to boost or promote Facebook post naturally or according to Facebook dictionary organically without spending extra money.

Boost Facebook Posts Organically : Optimum Use of Hashtags:

Image showing optimum and proper use of hashtags on Facebook to generate organic traffic

  1. Use hashtags in Facebook posts and make your post visible to even those who are not fans of your page or those who are not connected to you via Facebook.
  2. But, don’t just use the hashtags just for the sake of using them. It takes only a few minutes to search the popular hashtag and then use it in your post.
  3. Keep the consistency in using same hashtags more often, so that all your posts will appear more often in the same graph search.
  4. Don’t use too many hashtags at the level to disturb the natural reading of the original Facebook post. 
Screenshot shows how I use, Facebook hashtags and yes, I am getting best results and great increase in traffic.

Isn’t this the easiest way to increase the traffic and make the brand name more popular on Facebook?

Have you started using Hashtags on Facebook? What changes did you notice in terms of growth in traffic and engagement?

If you haven’t used the Hashtags on Facebook yet and wish to know more about it, visit my article about Hashtags on Facebook on Facebook Fever, with important tips and strategies simplified for the readers :

Hashtags on Facebook : New Feature to Increase Virality

Apart from boost post option and by using Hashtags, you can always use sponsored ads to promote your posts. Here is the recommended post :

Promote Page Posts by Ad of Facebook

4 Social Media Marketing Myths You Must Know

Text Image: Top Social Media Marketing Myths

1. Fast Delivery of Facebook LIKEs and Twitter Followers :


Many marketers demand for faster delivery of Likes and Followers for Social Media Marketing Experts and many Social Media Experts can deliver the LIKEs and followers even within hours on demand.
This is the myth. The truth here is the LIKEs and followers may be fake or the provider most probably is using bot. The result of such act will be such that an investment in your marketing campaign will be wasted without the results;  additionally your Facebook page may get banned. The investment in Facebook ad creation or promoted Tweets are the right and ethical way to grow the LIKEs and followers faster.

Also growing natural fan following requires proper strategies and their implementation and continuous modification of the marketing plan and ads based on the analytics and sales report.

Marketing means reaching your potential customers and when they know your product, successful marketing campaign increases the sales. This means fake followers have no value in a successful marketing campaign

For Gaining Real LIKEs by Facebook Ads suggested Strategic Guide:

2. Millions of LIKEs are delivered with Minimum Investment :

To gain real followers, targeted audience,  marketing campaign should be run and its success depends on the ad budget. More the ad budget, the ad will reach more no. of the audience, more people will know your product and more are the chances that people may buy, share, promote your product.

The successful ad campaign also requires creativity in creating the ad. Create at least four different ads and test which is more successful.

Also depending on the niche and requirements the Social Media Marketing Expert should decide the option CPC or CPM for the ad. 

For CPC and CPM ad Suggested Strategic Guide : 

3. Instant LIKEs on Demand for a Post or Photo:

The ethical ways to gain real LIKEs for a post or Photo are

1.       Promoting post by sponsoring it.
2.       By Facebook ad, in which you can redirect the URL of the particular post in the ad.
3.       Resharing it again on the page.

The first two options require investment and that is actually very less as compared to traditional marketing. 

For Promoting a Particular Post Suggested Strategic Guide: 

It is difficult to get REAL Followers from a Targeted Region of a particular country:

The truth is that you can create a Facebook ad campaign which targeting the area from where you want the LIKEs yourcustomers. Facebook is used worldwide and getting customers for local businesses through Social Media is not difficult as it is supposed.

4. Creating Multiple Fake Accounts to Gain More LIKEs :

Creating multiple accounts of a single person for Facebook is against Facebook policies and it is not the real marketing too.   

Social Media Marketing Success Secret :

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How to Remove Unnecessary Apps from Facebook

App CenterAll Social Media Sites and including Facebook provide plenty of apps which are useful or likable for the Social Networking users, or the apps which are just intended for fun.

Sometimes many apps become unnecessary for Facebook Users. It is a good habit to check and remove the apps which are no longer necessary mainly because of following reasons.

Reasons to Remove the Facebook Apps :

  1. Some apps may post on behalf of the user which can be posting spam too.
  2. Many sites or apps gain access to all the info of the Facebook User. So it is always better to remove such apps if they are not really necessary.
  3.  Sometimes we start using some apps by mistake, which may be unsafe, or which are not necessary, that apps are needed to be removed immediately.

Procedure to Remove Unnecessary Apps from Facebook :

  • Open the News Feed of your Facebook account.
  • Find the Apps and Games feed in the left hand sidebar of the news feed, written as APP.

Facebook Apps

  • Click on the Apps Center as shown in the screenshot.

Apps Feed

  • You will see web or mobile apps or you can select all apps from the drop down menu, click on Your Apps. Please see the screenshot.

Apps Center

  • Look at the particular app which you wish to remove, you will see ‘x’ sign at the right hand side of each app.

How to Remove Facebook Apps

  • Click on the  ‘x’ sign and your unnecessary app will be removed.

Apps Removed Message
  • If you feel that you have removed the app you still wish to use by mistake you can always Undo the action by clicking on Undo, as shown in the screenshot.

Quick Method to Remove Unnecessary Apps :

  • When you click Apps Center, you will see the list of your apps you are using.
  • Click on the Pencil sign and you will see the options for changing settings and to remove the App.
Shortcut Method to Remove Unnecessary Apps
  • Just click on Remove App.
  • You will get the notification message as shown in the screenshot. 
Remove App Button

Procedure to Remove Unnecessary Apps through Privacy Settings:

  • Click on the Privacy Shortcuts.
  • Click on See More Settings.
  • Or Directly go to the Privacy Settings from dropdown menu near Privacy Shortcuts.
  • Click on the Apps on the left hand sidebar and you will see the list of apps you are using currently.
Apps Option in Privacy Settings
  • Edit the settings of apps by clicking Edit and Remove App or directly click ‘x’ sign to remove the app. Please see the screenshot. 
Remove Apps through Privacy Settings
  • Here you will find a checkbox which when checked deletes all your activity on that app. This is the added benefit of deleting app through Privacy Settings.  
How To Delete App Activity

Important Note: When we remove the app, the app may still have the information shared earlier as per Facebook. You have to visit, the privacy policy of the app for the detailed info. This can be found in the third method of removing apps through Privacy Settings described above.

Recommended Article on Facebook Fever : How to Remove Adware from Facebook News Feed and Timeline

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How to Customize Privacy Shortcuts on Facebook

To change the Privacy settings and customize them looks complicated sometimes. For the ease of Facebook user and to add more flexibility in Facebook experience Facebook has made available the Privacy settings options in the form of shortcuts on the right hand side of the profile name. Please see the screenshot to view the dropdown menu of privacy shortcuts.

Privacy Shortcuts on Facebook

For the three options, shown in the screenshot, you will further find more sub options in the drop down menu. 

1. Who Can See My Stuff option?

Timeline View Customization

a) Who Can See My Future Posts?

You can set the privacy settings according to the visibility you want. The options are 

Public: Your posts will be visible to all.

Friends of Friends : The posts will be visible to only Friends of Friends

Friends: Your future posts will be visible to only your friends.

Custom : You can customize the settings to allow or hide your posts from specific people or you can choose to Only Me. But if you limit your posts to yourself only, there is no need to join Facebook..:-).

b) Where Can I review All My Posts and Things I am tagged In?

Here, Facebook has provided a direct link for the activity log where you can review the posts you are tagged in.

c) What do other People See on My Timeline?

Now you can enter the name of the person, to check how your timeline looks to that person. After customization of privacy settings, you need to check whether you have applied correct desired settings or not? This comes under View As section. This procedure is made easier by Privacy Shortcuts now. 

2. Who Can Contact Me Option –

Earlier Facebook User could set who can contact settings as Friends of Friends, Anyone, which is now avialable on Shortcuts for Privacy Settings

Who Can Connect Privacy Shortcut

i] Whose Messages do I want Filtered Into My Inbox?

a) Basic Filtering : Facebook has recommended this feature, which allows Friends and people you may know (people having mutual friends) to send messages to you. 

b)Strict Filtering Mostly just Friends can send you Messages.

ii] Who Can Send Me (me means Facebook User..:-) ) Friend Request?

You can choose public or Friend of Friends option to allow people to send you friend request. You can’t completely disable Friend Request option.   

3. How Do I Stop Someone From Bothering Me?

How to Unfriend or Block Someone - Privacy Shortcuts

Remember the feature of blocking? Yes! It’s the same feature you can simply enter the name of the person you wish to block or wish to unfriend

Additionally, you can see the list of all Blocked Users directly from the Privacy Shortcuts. 

Please visit the Detailed Customization of Privacy Settings  for the complete guide about Privacy Settings. 

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How to Drag Photos Into Facebook Post

Now you can share photos on Facebook more easily than the usual procedure Facebook had for photo sharing. Please see the screenshot below to understand this feature.  

Screenshot of How To Drag Photos to Facebook News Feed from Desktop

How to Drag Photos Into Facebook Post :

1. Click the icon of a camera which is besides the tagging option’s icon and location icon. 

2. Select photos from the desktop which you wish to share on Facebook. 

3. Add some description to the photo. 

4. Click on the Post button. 

Prior to the availability of this cam icon Facebook user had to click on Upload Photos or Video button. 

Please note that this feature is available only in the News Feed and not on the timeline. 

Facebook users mostly stay active on News Feed for the interaction, so Facebook may have made this feature. 

How to Enable Followers Feature on Facebook and Benefits of Allowing Followers Option

You might have seen many Facebook Users have ‘Subscribe’ option on their profile which means that anybody can Subscribe to their public updates without adding them as friends. This feature is most useful in the case when the Friend list is crossed more than five thousand friends. 

It’s the users’ choice to allow or not allow the subscribers. 

Please note that only the people above 18 can allow the subscribers. 

Benefits of Allowing Subscribers :

  1. You can reach more and more people worldwide. Your message is spread in the news feed of the Subscribers directly even if they are not your friends. 
  2. If you are a public figure, a journalist or a politician without creating a separate page on Facebook, just by allowing Subscribers you can reach your fans. Your fans who are your subscribers, can LIKE your public posts and if you allow can comment on your posts too. This saves the time and investment of managing a profile and a page. 
  3. If you are a politician, by allowing Subscribers, you can directly reach your voters and get their feedback, expectations from you immediately. 
  4. If you are a musician or celebrity you can share the updates about your shows, latest release,  photos and can get the direct feedback from fans very easily. 
  5. Facebook Suggests the list of the people who have allowed the subscription option. So your profile will be visible in that list once you allow the Subscribe button. Facebook gives suggestions based on the number of friends of a Facebook user who are Subscribed to the same person and based on the Shared interests. 
  6. You can have unlimited amount of Subscribers. 
  7. If you are worried about the your privacy, please note that no personal data is shared with third parties  through Subscribe plug in.(As per Facebook official declaration.)
  8. You can always change the visibility of every post to public or limited only to friends or you can customize the settings. So again you do not need to worry about Privacy of your posts. 
  9. Once anybody sends you the friend request, they are automatically subscribed to your public   posts if you have allowed the Subscribe button. 

If you do not want a specific person to subscribe you, you can block them. 

How to Allow Subscribe Option?

  1. Click the drop down menu near the Home Tab and Go to Account Settings
  2. Click on the Subscribers option on the left hand side. 
  3. Check the box next to Allow Subscribers option. By checking the box your subscribers will receive your public updates – The updates which are kept ‘Public’ by you.
  4. Subscriber Reach : If you check this box, people can find you easily and your timeline preview are shown up in the search engine results. If you do not wish your Facebook timeline visible in Facebook search and other search engines, do not check this box, or you can always undo the action, if you have checked the box unknowingly. Please note that because some search engines Cache information, some of your timeline information may be available for a period of time after you turn public search off. 
  5. Subscriber comments: Who can Comment on Your Public Posts? – Third option is Subscriber comments. You can choose here, Public subscribers or friends of friends or only friends to comment on your public posts. 
  6. Subscriber Notifications : You can get the notifications about the subscriptions, reshares and comments from Public (including subscribers) or you can change settings limited to friends or friends of friends. 
  7. Username : You can change your username once. Choose the username that will be easy to find your friends in search.

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