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Group Pins Edit Feature on Pinterest

Text Image: Pinterest Group Pin Edit Feature

We the pinners love to create boards for different topics keep pinning a lot of posts. When we have done pinning of 100s of posts and feel the need to make our board with new arrangement of pins, or we wish to do some clean up it becomes a boring and tedious task. If you are planning to redesign your Pinterest profile, don’t just worry now! Pinterest has started a new feature which allows you to copy, delete and move group pins. 

I have tried this  feature. Let’s have a quick  look at Pinterest’s gift for businesses. 

Screenshot: Edit options for a Group of Pins on Pinterest Board

# Group editing of pins allows you to

1. Copy group pins

2. Move them.


3. Delete a group if you no longer want them on your profile.

# It’s very easy to edit a group of pins. 

1. Just go to the a board.

2. Click on Move Pins. It appears as a ‘New’ option on your board.

3. Select the pins to move. 

4.  Choose move, copy or delete option. 

# Points to note before you move group pins:

1. You can select up to 50 Pins.

2. All these changes will not appear in the home feed of your followers. 

3. Only new pins appear in the home feed. 

# Best Option for Pinterest Visibility:

You can keep same pins on multiple boards as sometimes some posts can have two or more categories. Now you can arrange your pins with smart strategies to increase the visibility of your pins  

So, now with this new feature you can plan new year Pinterest strategy with more flexibility.

Time to get busy with pins and boards. Enjoy pinning!

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How to Stop Your Name and Face Appearing in Google Ads

Google has recently changed their privacy policy and according new terms of Services, now your name and picture will appear in Google ads! Yes in the Google ads that we see when we search anything.  Shocking, isn’t it? 

Google Plus Activity and Reviews May Appear in Google Ads with User’s Name and Profile Picture:

When you review any product in Google plus or in tied in Google services on Google maps, Google apps or Google play music store, your recommendations appear in Google plus ads. Also your activity on G + such as follows, shares, +1s will be used in commercial and promotional context along with your name and profile image.

Google has named this public sharing of your social activity on Google as Shared Endorsements.

The picture appearing in Google plus ads will be same as that of your Google plus profile. This means, because of Shared Endorsements the profile picture, name and comments by a user may show up on any of 2 million sites that are part of Google ad Network according to CNN.

These Shared endorsements are appearing in Google ads according to new TOS by default. If you are worried about the privacy of your information and photo, you can change the account settings to prevent your information appearing in Google commercials.

How to Turn Off Shared Endorsements:

 Follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign in to Gmail account.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. On the left hand side you will see Google Plus, click on it.
  4. Turn Off the Shared endorsements setting. 


Just click on this link : uncheck  the check-box next to ‘Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads’ And save the change.

Please note,even if turn off Shared Endorsements, if you review any product through Google services, your name and comments will be present at that particular site, e.g. if you review your favorite music album in Google Play music store, your endorsement will be present there in the music store irrespective of Shared Endorsement settings being on or off. So, if you don’t like your name appearing publicly in any review, just don’t review them.  

The reviews done by you appear as Review tab in G plus profile, you can hide the tab from your friends by changing account settings, similarly you can hide plus one and other tabs too if you don’t wish to share your activity.

The name and profile image of the Google users who are under 18 will not appear in shared endorsements but they can still see the endorsements by their friends.


Facebook already uses your Likes as recommendations in Facebook Sponsored Ads which appear in the right hand side bar. Also Sponsored Stories show your Likes to different Facebook pages to your Friends.

In short, though these Social Media Channels like Google Plus, Facebook look free, but they are actually making their business by using the information shared by their users.
Apart from safely choosing the privacy settings, one should always use social networking sites carefully to avoid public sharing of personal information and safety.

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How to Add Google Plus Profile as Author Profile in Blogger Blog Posts

Blogging is the most essential tool of marketing, promoting your product online and tool to share the latest updates, news about your product. If you are using your blog on blogger platform you might have faced a problem in showing the author’s bio or profile below every blog post. Many professional websites have nice and precise Author’s bio at the end of every post. You must be wandering how they add it. If you add some code to blogger blog template, you can add author’s profile but that will be a bit difficult for those who are not tech savvy. 

Now it’s become simplest ever to add professional Author’s bio in Blogger. What you need is just to join Google plus and create your profile there. Your G+ profile will be visible below every blog post in blogger blog once you enable it.

Let’s see a step by step guide to enable Author’s bio on blogger blog. 

Add Google Plus Profile as Author’s Profile in Blogger Blog Posts :

Screenshot showing Introduction part in Google plus profile

  1. Join G+ if you are not joined already with the same email Id by which you have created blogger blog. 
  2. Create professional profile for G+. 
  3. Go to About Section –> Introduction –> Write/ Edit the bio here which you wish to see on blogger post. 
  4. Now, go to Blogger Dashboard.
  5. Select Layout.
  6. Edit Blog Posts Section
  7. Check the box of Show Author Profile Below Post as shown in the screenshot.
  8. Save the settings and check your blog.
Image showing : How to add Author's profile in Blogger blog

The Author’s bio will appear like my profile is appearing below every post. Check the screen shot shown below. 

Screenshot showing Google plus profile as Author's bio on Blogger Blog

Now, enjoy blogging more professionally on blogger blog with the ease of use and saving time. 

If you have any query or issue regarding this article or any other article here, feel free to contact. 

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