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6 Marketing Strategies we can Learn from Vegetable Vendors

Vegetable vendors and street hawkers are the best marketers. They sell very low priced products, but they have to put all the creativity in their salesmanship for success. Every marketer whether he sells products or services, whether they are for big brands or start-ups, they need to be ingenious. There are some strategies we all can learn from Indian vegetable vendors.

1.  Offer and Price should be Precise.

Vegetable vendors sell the vegetables for 5 or 10 bucks. Thus, the price they set is easy to remember and eye catching. Customers can easily decide what they are getting for the price and so they can take a quick decision whether to buy or not. When we keep the price like  USD 499, it looks apparently as 400s but customers may think for some time and round it to 500, then believe the price as more expensive than they actually thought, it gives an impression of dishonesty or trick.

2. Offer shouldn’t be too complicated for the customer to assess.

Vegetable sellers keep already created bundles or a bunch of the quantity of vegetable they are going to sell for the set price. This saves the time of both the customer and the vendor during even rush hour. There is not any need of scales. This easy method double or triple the sales.
This strategy is very functional for online service providers. We can break our services for different price ranges and create packages of services for big projects. Prospects don’t need much time take the decision of buying right service they need and the price they can afford.

3. Keep the communication channel absolutely simple and easy.

A crowded big marketplace generally turns noisy with quarrels over bargaining, change, and cheating in measuring quantities. Such quarrels result in decreased sales due to wastage of time leaving negative impression on customers. No bargaining means more sales in lesser time. What vendors have to think is to give satisfactory quantity of the product in the given price.
If you have services and price set up conversion rate is going to increase.

4. Simple offers sale more.

People can easily buy in the multiples of five, usually 10, 20, so they find it handy to buy more bundles of vegetables.
 Just keep it simple, easy to understand for different levels of customers with different ranges of needs and budgets.

5. Don’t raise the price frequently.

Vegetable prices keep changing almost weekly, they keep the rate same by changing quantity. Psychologically speaking customers are ok with a bit lesser quantity while buying on the same rate. If rates are increased then customers think more before buying.

6. Define ‘Your’ Style to define your brand!  

Vegetable vendors shout with their own style, that’s the simplest and best branding I have ever seen. They also create their own communication style with customers. In addition, they organize their vegetables attractively; some charge more for high quality vegetables and do not compromise with the price. They can do so confidently because they know their target customers are going to buy from them only.
This ‘Keep it Simple’ attitude attracts more buyers with less chaos.

The next most important step after lead generation, communication style 
which does branding for you. The experience your communication gives to the customers brings them back to you.
Marketing is an art not just to sell but for creating more and more ‘Happy Sales’.

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4 Top Benefits of Inserting Hashtags in Social Media Posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in  SM posts.

I focus on getting real followers with steady growth, while maximum reach of every post is achieved by the use of hashtags.

From the experiments of using different hashtags in posts, comparing the reach of the posts without hashtags, in this article I have listed the top 4 benefits of using hashtags.

1. Your posts reach beyond your followers with hashtags.

Suppose you have 100 followers. When you post something without inserting relevant hashtag, the post reaches to your followers only. It’s not possible that all the 100 out of 100 followers will read your post in their timeline. In the case of Facebook, due to its complex algorithm and policy to limit the audience, your post may reach to only 10 per cent or less audience. You have spent lots of time in creating and posting something good to share with your friends, or have tried to share your thoughts and posts, but that didn’t result in increased page views, or followers.

When you insert one or two different hashtags in your posts. The post appears automatically in the search link where people are posting using the same hashtag. Obviously, the people who aren’t your followers can read your post, like, share, retweet it.

As you can see in the screenshot of search with #socialmedia, thousands of users are posting with one particular hashtag almost every second. So you can imagine despite having limited followers like say, 100 your thoughts are actually reaching to thousands of people who are reading about social media.

2. Growth of Followers.

When you consistently post with specific hashtag, just not your  content goes viral, but you get more followers too. People recognize you as the expert in the niche and they may start following you. Posts with short catchy words along with a simple # can increase your lead generation.

3. Hashtags work as free Branding tool.

Yes! Be creative, create hashtag exclusive for your brand and then make the presence of your business viral. Same hashtag for different social sites will increase your credibility and increase cross platform followers.

4. Invite people for feedback, suggestions and chat with Hashtag.

Know what do people think about your brand, ask them feedback, invite them for online social discussion. Document customer response and improve your product and in turn sells.
People love to give suggestions, love to talk with the brands. Give them the opportunity by promoting your event by Hashtag. Chat with chosen hashtag for branding.

Graph of lead generation will go high within just one day of your online twitter chat.

Do try these simple strategies and follow the metrics, you will be surprised to see, achieving your social media goals was so easy.

Important Tip: Don’t overuse hashtags in a single post which makes reader difficult to read the post.

Share your experiences, how creatively you used the hashtags, how people responded you and how it benefited to your business!

Stay tuned to further simple yet effective strategies!

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5 Strategies to Optimize Social Media Productivity

With the widespread reach of social networking sites, almost everybody is desperate to create an online presence with the help of social media, may it be an individual or the small businesses. The brands who are the giants in the market for the decades have also switched to social media to gain the customers from online networking sites. Social networking is a fun experience with different SNS, but they are addictive too and that’s why they may collapse your time schedule. Over use of social media may cause exhaustion, increase stress lowering the productivity. I have experimented with different strategies to optimize social media productivity since I was also getting addicted to it. 

Here are 5 important strategies which will help you manage your social media without making you a social media burnout.

1. Set the Goals for Social Media Influence:

  • Create a social media plan. 

  • Set long-term goals for Social Media influence, like number of followers you want to reach by the end of the year, posts views and lead generation.

  • Choose the Social media site(s) which can give best results to your business niche and which your targeted audience uses. Do not invest the time and money where your prospective customers engage.

  • Break them into small goals and set a target for every week. At the end of the week, keep checking analytics report. Many free and paid tools provide insights, analytics report about your performance on different social media sites, choose the tool which suites your needs. By weekly follow up you will keep the track about the return on investment (ROI) and productive time you have spent on social sites.

  • If you do not need many advanced tools, still you can check the Facebook insights or twitter reach which are available by these social networking sites for free.

2. Specify the Time Limit to Use Social Media:

  • While creating your social media marketing plan, set the daily and weekly time limit for the SNS use. 

  • Plan the strategies for the time of posting the content, for conversations and sharing the useful posts by others.

  • Do not check the updates repeatedly as this habit may lead to social media addiction; so once you have completed your daily networking and marketing tasks on Facebook drive your focus on other important tasks

3. Turn Off Unimportant Notifications: 

  • Do not keep all the notifications available by the SNS, ON. Unnecessary notifications whether on the site itself or in the mailbox will distract you.

  • Turn Off the notifications of the group updates, communities, or the apps you do not use frequently.

  • Remove the apps which you don’t need at all or which are spam.

4. Use the ‘Lists’ Feature:

  • Facebook and Twitter have a nice feature called Lists. Create the lists of people and pages based on the specific topics.

  • If you have hundreds of friends in your Facebook network or if you follow hundreds of pages and people on Facebook and twitter, you will get distracted by the information overload on your news feed. News feed gets updated with every new post almost every minute. Create lists on the niches you want to focus.

  • If you need multiple lists on various topics, write precise, but clear description for every list, give the proper list name to every list. List name should be indicating that which tweets or posts would find in the list. List name should be such which will not confuse you, after creating many lists. E.g., you can follow important news by creating a list of media channels’ pages which will save hours of time spent in reading the news, a list of top influencers in your niche will help you follow and share high quality content posted by them, with your followers. 

Achieve Extensive Marketing Goals by Collaborative Team Work:

When multiple admins manage the page, divide the tasks and goals among your team like content generation, conversations, tracking insights. This strategy will make it easier to manage your marketing campaign with the focus on goals.

5. Use Social Media Management Tools:

  • If you need to manage multiple social media accounts or require to create large no. of content use social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck. Hootsuite offers features like auto scheduling, custom scheduling, adding apps, bulk content uploading by Hootsuite Pro and enterprise. Additionally, by Hootsuite pro you can manage businesses by creating teams.

  • SM management tools are available in free and paid versions. Choose the right tool depending on your marketing goals.

To summarize, in short, always prepare a plan with goals and follow it so that you’ll enjoy the social media with optimum productivity.


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How To Add Blogger Contact Form Gadget on Blog

Blogger is regularly bringing out new gadgets and keeps improving the program to enhance the blogging experience and to make it easier for all sorts of users.

Text Image: How to add blogger contact form gadget on your blog

Now, you can add the new Contact form gadget introduced by the Blogger platform very easily on your blog so that your visitors can reach you easily. For this, you don’t need to learn the complex codes or don’t even need to register any third party. The contact form is very basic, with the three fields: Name, E-mail, and Message. You can place this widget on the sidebar.

When a visitor leaves a message through this contact form, the message reaches directly to your inbox, and you can reply them directly.

Follow these simple steps to insert contact form gadget to your blog:

1. Log in to your blogger account.

2. Click Layout tab.

Screenshot: Layout and Add a Gadget Tabs on Blogger

3. Click Add a Widget.

4. Click on More Gadget tab, below the basic gadgets’ tab.

Screenshot: Blogger Gadgets

5. Click on Contact Form Gadget.

Screenshot: Blogger contact form gadget

6. Edit the title like, Contact Us, reach us, or whatever creative you title you can add!

Screenshot: How to configure contact form widget

7. Press Save. Move the widget on the place you want on sidebar.

8. Save the changes. The contact form will look like the screenshot below.

9. You can send test message to check if the form is working properly, though it is so easy            that you won’t face any problem.

Benefits of Adding Contact form Gadget:

  • By adding the contact form gadget, the interaction with your readers will increase.
  • You can get the feedback about your work and improve the content and the quality of your blog.
  • Prospective customers, who are interested in your business services or products, contact more, if they have easy contact form, with less information needed to be given as it saves their time.  

If you haven’t already created a means of contact for your readers, create it now and don’t forget to share your experiences after installing contact form on your blog.

Enjoy Blogging! 

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How to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs

Facebook is not just a Social Networking site, but has become a big knowledge hub too. Earlier people used to promote links of websites and blogs on Facebook, but now due to highly increased use of Facebook for sharing knowledge, opinions and events sharing of Facebook posts on websites is also becoming important. The biggest socialization site is used by government officials, celebrities, public figures, writers, businesses. Their official announcements and opinions are being shared directly on Status updates. So, for the purpose of analysis, discussions, learning, reactions it has become important to share  Facebook posts on websites too. For the authenticity of the post we can embed Facebook posts onto our website or blog very easily.

Steps to Embed Facebook Posts:  

  1. Go to the Facebook post you want to embed on your website.
  2. Click on the icon which is on the top right hand corner of the post.
  3. A drop down list of options will appear, click on the ‘Embed post’.
  4. After clicking, the code will appear, just copy the code.
  5. Paste it on the website, where you want to embed the post.

If you have tried to embed posts, you might have noticed, only some posts have ‘Embed Post’ option and not all. The reason is Facebook allows sharing the posts which are shared as ‘public’. For  personal profiles’posts , depending on the settings, one can share the posts with only friends, or friends of friends or the user can keep the post public. So if the posts are not public, Embed posts option will not appear on the personal profiles. 

Embedded Post:

You can embed posts by others also. If you or the user whose post you have shared, changed the privacy settings from public to limited visibility, the post will not be visible on the website. Instead, a message will be displayed saying, ‘embedded post is no longer available.’
Please note, the user whose posts are embedded won’t be notified by Facebook.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Posts:

  1.  Directly embedded post is clearly visible with the authenticity than the screenshot.
  2.  People can like and comment the embedded post on website, they will be redirected to the  original post on Facebook.
  3.  People may follow, thus it will increase the engagement, and following.

Have you tried embedding of your posts? 

How did it affect in growth of your fan following. 

Do share your experiences. 

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How to Enable Followers Feature on Facebook and Benefits of Allowing Followers Option

You might have seen many Facebook Users have ‘Subscribe’ option on their profile which means that anybody can Subscribe to their public updates without adding them as friends. This feature is most useful in the case when the Friend list is crossed more than five thousand friends. 

It’s the users’ choice to allow or not allow the subscribers. 

Please note that only the people above 18 can allow the subscribers. 

Benefits of Allowing Subscribers :

  1. You can reach more and more people worldwide. Your message is spread in the news feed of the Subscribers directly even if they are not your friends. 
  2. If you are a public figure, a journalist or a politician without creating a separate page on Facebook, just by allowing Subscribers you can reach your fans. Your fans who are your subscribers, can LIKE your public posts and if you allow can comment on your posts too. This saves the time and investment of managing a profile and a page. 
  3. If you are a politician, by allowing Subscribers, you can directly reach your voters and get their feedback, expectations from you immediately. 
  4. If you are a musician or celebrity you can share the updates about your shows, latest release,  photos and can get the direct feedback from fans very easily. 
  5. Facebook Suggests the list of the people who have allowed the subscription option. So your profile will be visible in that list once you allow the Subscribe button. Facebook gives suggestions based on the number of friends of a Facebook user who are Subscribed to the same person and based on the Shared interests. 
  6. You can have unlimited amount of Subscribers. 
  7. If you are worried about the your privacy, please note that no personal data is shared with third parties  through Subscribe plug in.(As per Facebook official declaration.)
  8. You can always change the visibility of every post to public or limited only to friends or you can customize the settings. So again you do not need to worry about Privacy of your posts. 
  9. Once anybody sends you the friend request, they are automatically subscribed to your public   posts if you have allowed the Subscribe button. 

If you do not want a specific person to subscribe you, you can block them. 

How to Allow Subscribe Option?

  1. Click the drop down menu near the Home Tab and Go to Account Settings
  2. Click on the Subscribers option on the left hand side. 
  3. Check the box next to Allow Subscribers option. By checking the box your subscribers will receive your public updates – The updates which are kept ‘Public’ by you.
  4. Subscriber Reach : If you check this box, people can find you easily and your timeline preview are shown up in the search engine results. If you do not wish your Facebook timeline visible in Facebook search and other search engines, do not check this box, or you can always undo the action, if you have checked the box unknowingly. Please note that because some search engines Cache information, some of your timeline information may be available for a period of time after you turn public search off. 
  5. Subscriber comments: Who can Comment on Your Public Posts? – Third option is Subscriber comments. You can choose here, Public subscribers or friends of friends or only friends to comment on your public posts. 
  6. Subscriber Notifications : You can get the notifications about the subscriptions, reshares and comments from Public (including subscribers) or you can change settings limited to friends or friends of friends. 
  7. Username : You can change your username once. Choose the username that will be easy to find your friends in search.

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