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23 Super Simple Tips for Social Media Personal Branding

Social media can create unlimited opportunities for you. Don’t rely only on traditional promotional tactics. Meet your fans and interact with them directly from social media accounts. Here are 23 super simple tips for your personal branding on social media. 

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Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide

Presenting Social Media Marketing guide for beginners. This guide is absolutely FREE.

Image: Social Media Marketing guide for beginners

Tutorial 1:  Marketing may it be social media marketing/ digital or traditional marketing, it has some basic principles very common. Once we understand those principle it becomes absolutely easy to adapt with the pace of technology. The tutorial explains goals of marketing which help us design strategies further.

Article: What Is Marketing?

Tutorial 2: Once we understand the basic goals of marketing, next step comes to choose the right platform. How should be your marketing campaign? Traditional or Social Media Marketing? Why is Social media marketing gaining vital role in the promotion of small businesses?

Article: Traditional Marketing vs. Viral Social Media Marketing

Tutorial 3: Customers share their product or service experience with their friends. Social media sites available for free give easy platform for users to connect with their friends and like-minded people. The online social connections  involve a lot of sharing of photos, comments, thoughts, and experiences. Traditional word of mouth has been made viral by the social networking sites. Learn more about how brands can use this opportunity for the viral marketing. 

Article: Word of Mouth Made Viral by Social Media

Tutorial 4: Now, you have decided to join social media for marketing purpose. Let’s take a quick look at social media giants and how various features offered by them are effective for business marketing. 

Article: Top 5 Social Networking Sites for Effective Marketing 

Tutorial 5: Social media marketing begins with socialization, building reputation and communities. It requires patience to reach out to more and more people and tell your story. However, once you the build a reputation, marketing part becomes much easier. Learn more about success mantra of socialization and social marketing.

Article: Socialization plus Marketing is Success

Bonus Tutorial 6:  As social media marketing has emerged as the most successful strategic part of promotions and connections with the consumers through various channels, a lot of misconceptions have also emerged and turned into a professional service based business. Before beginning of the marketing campaign it’s essential for every brand to know about the social media myths.

Article: 4 Social Media Marketing Myths You Must Know

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Know How Negative Content Marketing Can Affect Your Sales Negatively

Content marketing plays a key role in the marketing cycle from attracting traffic to your website, lead generation to the decision and action by your buyer to buy your services or products. It is being accepted that negative and aggressive tone in your posts or social media updates can drive more leads in the modern online marketing world. Know how negative content marketing can affect your sales negatively in this article.

Many social media consultants/Gurus/experts are emerging every day. Some are independently working or working for a social media firm. Just like any other business niche, the competition in the social media field is not about growing own business, but it’s more turning about how to crush the competitors. 

With this trend I stumble upon articles on SMM experts quite often, explaining many social media Gurus aren’t a real experts. Okay. That’s not a complete lie.  Some articles give valid and insightful reasons to choose the right social media expert for your business. 

If you search about buying followers on social media, you’ll find many firms running this business of openly selling followers without even taking a note about terms of services of the social networking site, they sell followers for. Obviously, buying social media services from the agencies that do not follow careless about legal terms can put the buyer in trouble and harm their reputation. Therefore, the eye-opening articles about the truth of social media experts should be thanked, no doubt. 

Negative content marketing:

I find aggressive criticism of the competitors without raising valid points as a negative content marketing tactic. When you read the truth revealing articles and feel to thank the writer, you just notice that the writer also sells social media services. How would you feel then?

Positive approach in content marketing:

  • Can’t it a better and positive approach to display our own achievements or expertise?
  • Isn’t this positive approach better that we have an insightful strategic discussion with the prospects, directly or through blogs? 

In short, how I note positive and negative tones in content marketing.

Positive Tone: 

  • Why should you hire me? 
  • Why should you buy my services? 
  • The readiness to address the queries of the readers/customers.

Negative Tone: 

Why shouldn’t you hire the so-called social media experts? 

(Silent Tone: I also sell social media services, please buy them.)

Effects of positive and negative content tones on the minds of the readers:

Positive tone creates an excitement and curiosity, 

What does this person offer for my business?

Are their services right to grow my business?

‘How would they handle my project’ 
and finally

Should I buy their services?

Negative tone creates a negative thought process in the minds of the readers, 

‘Thank God I came to know about the frauds in this field. Thanks to this writer.’ 

‘Oh! They also sell social media services. So that’s why they wrote this article. Should I  trust them completely?’ 

And That’s why they wrote all this. 

They are so aggressive and negative.’ 

‘How will my deal and my experience go with them?

‘I need to think before buying their services.’

The second point is that by negative tone we show ourselves so desperate to sell our services. I think,  this tactic harms sales. 

Content with a negative tone can also negative affect traffic as it harms productivity.

By highlighting our expertise we give a positive and firm message to the readers. The message that we are here in the market, yes, we are in the competition, but we are here because, we believe that we deliver the best, and we deliver what you need. 

I believe clearly discussing what I can offer and equally important point, what I can’t offer/ I don’t offer is the positive and hence better approach in the content marketing.

Final thoughts: Instead of killing the competitor, unity, cooperation and constructive criticism in any field including social media marketing is the positively strong approach to build leadership in the market.  

4 Top Benefits of Inserting Hashtags in Social Media Posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in  SM posts.

I focus on getting real followers with steady growth, while maximum reach of every post is achieved by the use of hashtags.

From the experiments of using different hashtags in posts, comparing the reach of the posts without hashtags, in this article I have listed the top 4 benefits of using hashtags.

1. Your posts reach beyond your followers with hashtags.

Suppose you have 100 followers. When you post something without inserting relevant hashtag, the post reaches to your followers only. It’s not possible that all the 100 out of 100 followers will read your post in their timeline. In the case of Facebook, due to its complex algorithm and policy to limit the audience, your post may reach to only 10 per cent or less audience. You have spent lots of time in creating and posting something good to share with your friends, or have tried to share your thoughts and posts, but that didn’t result in increased page views, or followers.

When you insert one or two different hashtags in your posts. The post appears automatically in the search link where people are posting using the same hashtag. Obviously, the people who aren’t your followers can read your post, like, share, retweet it.

As you can see in the screenshot of search with #socialmedia, thousands of users are posting with one particular hashtag almost every second. So you can imagine despite having limited followers like say, 100 your thoughts are actually reaching to thousands of people who are reading about social media.

2. Growth of Followers.

When you consistently post with specific hashtag, just not your  content goes viral, but you get more followers too. People recognize you as the expert in the niche and they may start following you. Posts with short catchy words along with a simple # can increase your lead generation.

3. Hashtags work as free Branding tool.

Yes! Be creative, create hashtag exclusive for your brand and then make the presence of your business viral. Same hashtag for different social sites will increase your credibility and increase cross platform followers.

4. Invite people for feedback, suggestions and chat with Hashtag.

Know what do people think about your brand, ask them feedback, invite them for online social discussion. Document customer response and improve your product and in turn sells.
People love to give suggestions, love to talk with the brands. Give them the opportunity by promoting your event by Hashtag. Chat with chosen hashtag for branding.

Graph of lead generation will go high within just one day of your online twitter chat.

Do try these simple strategies and follow the metrics, you will be surprised to see, achieving your social media goals was so easy.

Important Tip: Don’t overuse hashtags in a single post which makes reader difficult to read the post.

Share your experiences, how creatively you used the hashtags, how people responded you and how it benefited to your business!

Stay tuned to further simple yet effective strategies!

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How to Pin Tweets to Twitter Profile Page

Twitter allows highlight your tweets by pinning them on the top of your profile page. Pinned tweets increase the impact of twitter timeline of the user.Let’s learn more about it.

What is Pin Tweets to Profile page Feature?

A pinned post is highlighted on the top of your profile page until you remove it. 

What is meaning of Unpin a Tweet?

A pinned tweet can be removed from the timeline which is called as unpinning of the tweet.

Here are the steps to pin a tweet.


  1. Sign in to your Twitter Account.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click on More options after Favoriteoption. You will see a drop down menu, click on Pin to Your Profile Page
  4. Confirm by the action clicking the Pin Button.

How to Unpin a Tweet from Twitter Profile Page:

  • Click on More options and Unpin the tweet.
  • Once you pin a new tweet the earlier pinned tweet gets removed automatically. Twitter asks before removing the previous tweet.

3 Tips to Pin Tweet Feature Effectively to Increase Tweet Views:

  1. Showcase your achievement by pinning it.
  2. Feature most important or the best tweet to drive the attention of the visitors among loads of tweets when they visit your timeline.
  3. Pin new tweet as the Featured tweet of the week.

Just be creative to get more tweet views!

What is your strategy to pin the tweets? 

Have you measured the impact of pinned tweets? 

Share in comments.

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How To Create and Embed Twitter Custom Timeline on Your Website

Twitter allows the users to create custom timeline and create a widget for that timeline which can be embedded onto website. Enabling this feature twitter has opened more opportunity for the users to use Twitter more effectively and more comprehensively with more interactions for branding and marketing purposes.

What is Twitter Custom Timeline:

When we search any keyword or hashtag on Twitter, the search results we get are in the form of a timeline. When we want to follow a particular search result and want to share it with our website users, we can embed these search results with the help of a widget. Twitter provides us widget configurator by which we can create a widget for custom timeline and can embed it on our website. 

Steps to Create and Embed Custom Timeline Widget:

1. Search the term, keyword or Hash tag on Twitter, the results of which you want to embed.     You can use the advanced search too.

2. Click on the gear icon next to the search results.
3. Click on Embed Search and you will be redirected to Widget Configurator. 


4. Here you can choose, different options like to enable safe search mode, to show only top          tweets or to show all the tweets and auto expansion of photos. Auto expand photos option      will increase the loading time and it’s not the important and beneficial option, so it’s better      to keep it unchecked. You can also choose the height of the widget.

5. Then choose the right theme and link colors which will be clearly visible on the theme of          your website.

6.  Click on the create widget button and you will get the code of the widget.
     Copy and paste the code on your website.

Different widgets you can create are the timeline for Favorites, the timeline for a particular username tweets and a widget for the lists stream.

Benefits of Embedding Custom Timeline:

People can interact, retweet directly from the website. This feature is not just useful to gain more followers for the brand but also effective for more lead generation and more customers.

Strategies to use Custom Timeline for Branding and Marketing:

  • You can use the widget for a particular hash tag created for your brand.
  • Twitter search can be embedded to promote an event. People can discuss, interact, and ask queries related to the event. Followers of the event and the company will increase.
  • Embedding timeline for a particular handle is also great way to increase the engagement. Hootsuite has embedded their Twitter help handle on their help section of the site, people can ask for help through this widget and can get the instant help too.
  • A company can create a list of the employees’ twitter handles and the list timeline can be embedded on company website for the live updates.
  • Marketers often arrange twitter chat. The timeline with hashtag for the twitter chat can be embedded.

Decide the strategy which will be perfect for your brand depending  on your marketing goal and targeted audience.

Do share your experiences about gain of followers, lead generation before and after embedding the custom timeline. 

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