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23 Super Simple Tips for Social Media Personal Branding

Social media can create unlimited opportunities for you. Don’t rely only on traditional promotional tactics. Meet your fans and interact with them directly from social media accounts. Here are 23 super simple tips for your personal branding on social media. 

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Social Media Dreams and Goals 2016

Before the beginning of the new year 2016, you must have reviewed previous year’s business marketing goals and accomplishments. Also, you must have already planned the social media marketing goals for this year. 

To be able to write more helpful social media strategic guides and to provide the services that can sync with your goals so that we can work together to achieve them with a new zeal, I would like to know your expectations from our website and services this year.

Text Image: Social Media Dreams and Goals 2016

Please give valuable 30 seconds take a quick mini survey.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to share your social media goals. 

4 Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail Despite Effective Strategic Planning

Last month, I went on a day trip for a short break to enjoy alone time. I traveled by public transport bus. We had to wait almost an hour for the journey to begin. In the meantime, some sellers entered the bus, promoting and selling, their products. Although, I was there in the bus to leave behind everyday stresses, brain can’t really stop thinking about work. I learned some crucial marketing lessons and the reasons of marketing campaigns’ failure from the small duration bus marketing campaign.
Various sellers marketed their products by brief yet trained presentations. Afterward, they showed their products to every traveler. The items were artificial jewelry, books for primary school students, and pain balm.
This idea to reach travelers in public transport buses sounds nice at a first glance. However, people didn’t seem to show much interest in knowing the products; forget about buying them.
Text Image: Four Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail Despite Effective Strategic Planning

Why did people ignore all the marketing tactics?

Despite creating a perfect campaign plan, sometimes some missteps get ignored in the implementation, which may result in complete failure of the campaign.

1. The marketing campaign was targeted to the wrong group of people.

Men and women of all ages, from various educational backgrounds and professions sounds like an ideal comprehensive market for any product. However, a rule in simple words is, everything isn’t needed by everybody. Jewelry could be appealing to women, but due to safety reasons, nobody was interested in using it. Primary school students’ books could be useful for a particular age group of people. Therefore, only a few percentages of people in each bus would count the potential group. Considering daily marketing in most of the buses, overall people just interested in buying would be almost one per cent or lesser. In addition, parents generally prefer to buy all the required books for their kids from school books and stationary shops. State transport bus wasn’t the right place to sell books for primary school students.
Let’s compare the above scenario with social media marketing. Various social media channels are available for free and promoted marketing campaigns. You can start your own business pages and gain followers and engagement. Nevertheless, not every social networking site can be effective for every product or service. (Same rule again.) Depending on interaction styles, hashtag usage, image and links’ influence, and most importantly, the active users’ age group, impact of various social sites changes. Careful research to meet the goals is needed before launching the promotional drive.

2. Marketing the products without branding.

The products mentioned weren’t well-known brands. People had never seen or heard about them from someone they know. For small businesses, it can be quite difficult to get a celebrity brand ambassador or show celebrity endorsements via ads. People love to buy the products from the brands, they have heard somewhere from someone they trust. By presenting the books to educational bookstalls or pain balm to chemists, actual sales could be increased.  This correction would help the promoters reaching right targeted audience with endorsement from trusted shops.
In online marketing referral links and social media sharing can be functional to spread a word about the product instead of pouring a lot of money on adverts only. In addition, in the era of social media marketing, we trust likes, shares and retweets from our network.Focusing on real social media sharing and communication surely helps in branding.  

3. Ineffective advert or presentation:

The presentation seemed ineffective because it was not lively. The sellers didnt have eye-contact with the people in the bus while speaking. It was clearly noticeable that the promoters were repeating some memorized words. The effect of liveliness just not limited to offline life but while marketing  online by blogs or social media it’s greatly positive to connect with your readers and followers by natural communication. A simple smile and smiley icon can win hearts.
The mistake many of us get tempted to follow in online world is sending automated replies and direct messages. Automated posts don’t help as people are used to ignoring them. 

4. Touch the emotions and Match the needs.

Remember the incidents getting emotional after watching emotional ads? The products  couldn’t relate with the audience and their emotions and couldn’t match with their needs. I emphasize, in marketing, emotions first and then needs, this is how people feel about the advert. During designing a product or planning a service to offer, prime importance is of course to provide a solution to people’s problems.

Winning Tactic despite Campaign Failure.

Despite all the rejections, the marketers didn’t feel sad or rejected and moved on to the next bus for the search of new customers with hope. Rejections shouldn’t be taken personally. Reasons of rejection could be any of the above-explained ones. None of the reasons is about the person who was selling. It was perhaps a strategic mistake in training the workforce, as we all are told to follow rules strictly.
Never take any rejection personally, instead, be optimistic and identify and eliminate the mistakes.

Final Thoughts:

Marketing campaigns are worth the investment at the places/channels where your buyers are present, where they need your product or service, where they value the quality that your product provides and are willing to pay for it.
The success of marketing campaigns is dependent on accurate planning and implementation of the strategies.
From my personal experiences, I have followed the rules and also loved to break or tweak them to move ahead. Remember, no rule is final.  
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4 Top Benefits of Inserting Hashtags in Social Media Posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in  SM posts.

I focus on getting real followers with steady growth, while maximum reach of every post is achieved by the use of hashtags.

From the experiments of using different hashtags in posts, comparing the reach of the posts without hashtags, in this article I have listed the top 4 benefits of using hashtags.

1. Your posts reach beyond your followers with hashtags.

Suppose you have 100 followers. When you post something without inserting relevant hashtag, the post reaches to your followers only. It’s not possible that all the 100 out of 100 followers will read your post in their timeline. In the case of Facebook, due to its complex algorithm and policy to limit the audience, your post may reach to only 10 per cent or less audience. You have spent lots of time in creating and posting something good to share with your friends, or have tried to share your thoughts and posts, but that didn’t result in increased page views, or followers.

When you insert one or two different hashtags in your posts. The post appears automatically in the search link where people are posting using the same hashtag. Obviously, the people who aren’t your followers can read your post, like, share, retweet it.

As you can see in the screenshot of search with #socialmedia, thousands of users are posting with one particular hashtag almost every second. So you can imagine despite having limited followers like say, 100 your thoughts are actually reaching to thousands of people who are reading about social media.

2. Growth of Followers.

When you consistently post with specific hashtag, just not your  content goes viral, but you get more followers too. People recognize you as the expert in the niche and they may start following you. Posts with short catchy words along with a simple # can increase your lead generation.

3. Hashtags work as free Branding tool.

Yes! Be creative, create hashtag exclusive for your brand and then make the presence of your business viral. Same hashtag for different social sites will increase your credibility and increase cross platform followers.

4. Invite people for feedback, suggestions and chat with Hashtag.

Know what do people think about your brand, ask them feedback, invite them for online social discussion. Document customer response and improve your product and in turn sells.
People love to give suggestions, love to talk with the brands. Give them the opportunity by promoting your event by Hashtag. Chat with chosen hashtag for branding.

Graph of lead generation will go high within just one day of your online twitter chat.

Do try these simple strategies and follow the metrics, you will be surprised to see, achieving your social media goals was so easy.

Important Tip: Don’t overuse hashtags in a single post which makes reader difficult to read the post.

Share your experiences, how creatively you used the hashtags, how people responded you and how it benefited to your business!

Stay tuned to further simple yet effective strategies!

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How to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs

Facebook is not just a Social Networking site, but has become a big knowledge hub too. Earlier people used to promote links of websites and blogs on Facebook, but now due to highly increased use of Facebook for sharing knowledge, opinions and events sharing of Facebook posts on websites is also becoming important. The biggest socialization site is used by government officials, celebrities, public figures, writers, businesses. Their official announcements and opinions are being shared directly on Status updates. So, for the purpose of analysis, discussions, learning, reactions it has become important to share  Facebook posts on websites too. For the authenticity of the post we can embed Facebook posts onto our website or blog very easily.

Steps to Embed Facebook Posts:  

  1. Go to the Facebook post you want to embed on your website.
  2. Click on the icon which is on the top right hand corner of the post.
  3. A drop down list of options will appear, click on the ‘Embed post’.
  4. After clicking, the code will appear, just copy the code.
  5. Paste it on the website, where you want to embed the post.

If you have tried to embed posts, you might have noticed, only some posts have ‘Embed Post’ option and not all. The reason is Facebook allows sharing the posts which are shared as ‘public’. For  personal profiles’posts , depending on the settings, one can share the posts with only friends, or friends of friends or the user can keep the post public. So if the posts are not public, Embed posts option will not appear on the personal profiles. 

Embedded Post:

You can embed posts by others also. If you or the user whose post you have shared, changed the privacy settings from public to limited visibility, the post will not be visible on the website. Instead, a message will be displayed saying, ‘embedded post is no longer available.’
Please note, the user whose posts are embedded won’t be notified by Facebook.

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Posts:

  1.  Directly embedded post is clearly visible with the authenticity than the screenshot.
  2.  People can like and comment the embedded post on website, they will be redirected to the  original post on Facebook.
  3.  People may follow, thus it will increase the engagement, and following.

Have you tried embedding of your posts? 

How did it affect in growth of your fan following. 

Do share your experiences. 

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How to Stop Your Name and Face Appearing in Google Ads

Google has recently changed their privacy policy and according new terms of Services, now your name and picture will appear in Google ads! Yes in the Google ads that we see when we search anything.  Shocking, isn’t it? 

Google Plus Activity and Reviews May Appear in Google Ads with User’s Name and Profile Picture:

When you review any product in Google plus or in tied in Google services on Google maps, Google apps or Google play music store, your recommendations appear in Google plus ads. Also your activity on G + such as follows, shares, +1s will be used in commercial and promotional context along with your name and profile image.

Google has named this public sharing of your social activity on Google as Shared Endorsements.

The picture appearing in Google plus ads will be same as that of your Google plus profile. This means, because of Shared Endorsements the profile picture, name and comments by a user may show up on any of 2 million sites that are part of Google ad Network according to CNN.

These Shared endorsements are appearing in Google ads according to new TOS by default. If you are worried about the privacy of your information and photo, you can change the account settings to prevent your information appearing in Google commercials.

How to Turn Off Shared Endorsements:

 Follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign in to Gmail account.
  2. Go to Account Settings.
  3. On the left hand side you will see Google Plus, click on it.
  4. Turn Off the Shared endorsements setting. 


Just click on this link : uncheck  the check-box next to ‘Based on my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads’ And save the change.

Please note,even if turn off Shared Endorsements, if you review any product through Google services, your name and comments will be present at that particular site, e.g. if you review your favorite music album in Google Play music store, your endorsement will be present there in the music store irrespective of Shared Endorsement settings being on or off. So, if you don’t like your name appearing publicly in any review, just don’t review them.  

The reviews done by you appear as Review tab in G plus profile, you can hide the tab from your friends by changing account settings, similarly you can hide plus one and other tabs too if you don’t wish to share your activity.

The name and profile image of the Google users who are under 18 will not appear in shared endorsements but they can still see the endorsements by their friends.


Facebook already uses your Likes as recommendations in Facebook Sponsored Ads which appear in the right hand side bar. Also Sponsored Stories show your Likes to different Facebook pages to your Friends.

In short, though these Social Media Channels like Google Plus, Facebook look free, but they are actually making their business by using the information shared by their users.
Apart from safely choosing the privacy settings, one should always use social networking sites carefully to avoid public sharing of personal information and safety.

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