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Top 5 Social Networking Sites for Effective Marketing

Whether you are a small business owner or marketing head of a big business, whether you are a writer or a celebrity you need to promote yourself, your brand, your latest activities, shows, events on Social Media. Social Media provides no. of Social Networking Sites which will make your campaign viral. Today I am sharing 5 best and top most used Social Networking Sites for marketing. 

Earlier, the internet connection was must for Social Media access, but now, SNS are accessible through cell phones, Andriod, Smart phones too, which means you can stay connected with your potential customers and promote your brand 24x7 and people also love to know about their favourite product  easily as much as possible. 

Facebook :

On Facebook you can create your personal profile and create a Page for your brand. You can share links from your websites, blogs, you can share photos, videos, status means every update of your product and yourself too.  You can interact with people, costumers. The added benefit of Facebook is , now Facebook fan pages have the facility to send and receive messages. So people can directly communicate with you. Videos can be ads of your product, testimonials.

Twitter :

Twitter is also known as microblogging  as it allows you to Tweet (to share info with people) in the limitation of 140 characters. You can share links, photos, links to Facebook fan pages. The secret of success in twitter marketing is use of #tags, which shows your tweets not only to your followers but also in the Search of the particular #tag. It sounds a bit confusing. But trust me, it is more than a magic. You can get instant followers, more interaction, retweets within few minutes. You can use the trending topics too for better marketing.

YouTube :

On YouTube you can share the videos and presentations converted in Videos. These videos can be shared on other Social Networking Sites. People’s comments on your video works as a marketing campaign at consumer level for you. You can earn money too, by YouTube partnership. Your video can be shown as sponsored video too , in a particular search.  YouTube automatically shows ‘Related Videos’so in a particular search, more videos by you will be shown if the viewer is watching one of your videos, which keeps people engaging and attracting more customers to your company.

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is a professional Social Networking Site, where professional ‘Connections ’ are built and you can redirect people to your company website. Also, you can create a page of your company, to which people can follow. You can post jobs, hire people or search for jobs, on LinkedIn. The benefit of LinkedIn is its highly professional connections.

Google + :

Google Plus also known as G+ is somewhat similar to Facebook,where you can create your personal  profile and page of your company too. People can ‘Follow’ your page means all your marketing updates and add your personal profile in their ‘circles’ very similar to real life. You can share, links, photos, videos in G+ too.  G+ also gives a facility of Hang Outs, which is nothing but the Video Chat.

These are only 5 SNS I have shared, but there are many and you can get benefits of them to the optimum level, if you stay connected with Social Media regularly.

The best advantage of Social Networking Platforms is that all sites can be interconnected or synchronized, so that your update on one site appears immediately with the other, saving your time and energy.