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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.

You are all set to start your dream business. You must be willing to coin a brand name people will love to remember, discuss and buy from.

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The branding plan isn't yet set perhaps. It's not the need right now. Wait before you finalise your brand name! If you go for buying the domain name for your brand after finalising it, you may come across domain name availability issue. After choosing your brand name you will need to create a plan to publicise it on social media. You might encounter the same issue again on each social media channel.

Considering the immense growth of social media users the next big issue new users will face and social networking companies will soon need to fix will be 'username already taken'. 

Let's try to understand the issue with an example. Recently I set up the Facebook page for my Hindi Blog Chaitanyapuja. Chaitanyapuja is not a common name to be taken already. However, on Twitter, this username has been already in use before I opened my Twitter handle for Chaitanyapuja. I had to settle for chaitanyapuja_. I would prefer the precise brand name for it would be easy to remember. Surprisingly, this name has been already taken on Facebook as well. I typed the URL facebook.com/chaitanyapuja. But I didn't find it. However, I couldn't choose it for my page. 

I rechecked the rules for choosing usernames for both Facebook and Twitter. Rules for each one of them are different. Facebook considers chaitanya.puja and chaitanyapuja as one username while Twitter accepts chaitanyapuja and chaitanyapuja_ as different usernames. For Facebook I have chosen the username chaitanyapujaofficial. But I can not have the same username for Twitter because Twitter username is not allowed to exceed 15 characters. 

Why not integrate the process of choosing brand name with future branding plans so the issue of availability will be taken care of before it will arise? 

Here's a four step guide to simplify the process of choosing your brand name:  

1. Before choosing your brand name you might have basic information about your business in your mind or a plan ready such as product or service you are going to sell, your target audience, potential buyers' age group. If not, please plan it ahead of naming your brand. 

2. Let's move one step forward. Let's create an outline of social media plans with the above basic information. 

3. Now with the plans in step 1 and 2, list the social media channels where your potential buyers are present. You'll need to market your brand there. 

4. Now we can coin some brand names and before finalising them we can check the availability of the usernames for it to avoid the issue I explained above.

As a new business owner the whole process may sound daunting. I love to help small businesses build their online presence so to avoid the hassles I have gone through. I offer consultation on choosing the right brand name, social usernames for branding. We can collaborate online and my consultation is exclusive for every client to meet their requirements. You can contact me HERE.


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