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2 Quick Misleading Social Media Strategies You Should Customize Before Implementing

You must have read the success strategies for social media posting like how the posts should be written, what  type of posts gets more likes, more shares, etc.  Some strategies absolutely hit the target but there are some others which are impractical and can’t be result oriented.

Let’s discuss about the most common misleading strategies much popularly shared by social media experts why should we customize them before implementing.

Text Image: Always research and customize social media strategies

1. Best days of the week and best time slots to post on different social media sites:

You might have read such advice many times. These slots and days are selected by research to get more views and more shares. Before following this strategy blindly we have to check how the given time can be the most popular time used by global social network users.

People from all over the world are posting on sns; interacting, liking, and sharing the content. Time zones are different for different countries and so the prime time varies for different user groups. The timeslot during which the US citizens may be most active can’t be the prime time for other countries. Some results and figures which are suggested by the experts do not mention the time zone or the country in which they have done the research.

The likes and dislikes of the people varies from country to country based on their lifestyle, culture and beliefs.

To find the time on which your target audience are most active, you have to spend time in interacting with them.

Determine the target audience and start researching on social media.

Consider following factors about target audience to get the best information based on your goals.

  • Timezone
  • Age group
  • Profession
  • Social Sites on which your Target Audience are most active
  • Average frequency of posting  

2. Number of words and characters you should use in the post.

When we are talking with someone, is it possible to talk always in a predetermined format? If yes, that won’t be surely talking.

When you are posting something on social media what is most important is that the message or feeling you want to share! Are you able to convey what you want to say in a predetermined format? It’s fine to leave some space for retweet, but if you start strictly tweeting in say 100 characters or just in 100 words on Facebook you will restrict your natural voice. Many folks post a series of tweets and they become popular too. So generalized strategies may not work for every individual.

People will feel it unnatural if we disturb our message to limit in characters and the main purpose of communication will be failed. We are using social media to reach the people. 

Social networking is not something like a software which will work according to a program developed already and will give the results which are determined by the program.

3. My experience: This is how I have customized my social sharing plan.

At the beginning when I started my pages, I tried to learn all these tips which experts teach us. I found many of them impractical. Now, what I do is, I schedule future posts, for better time management. I select different time for posting for different niches. Of course there is time when I chat and discuss. In the case of social media, at least I find Twitter better than Facebook, so I focus more on Twitter. But for detailed political posts where I share news and facts, I find Facebook more interactive. And, this is also not a fixed rule.
We are real people, we are interacting with real people, then why should we bind ourselves with the stress of too many strategies which suppress our natural ideas.

Remember ! Flexibility brings freshness!

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