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How To Add Blogger Contact Form Gadget on Blog

Blogger is regularly bringing out new gadgets and keeps improving the program to enhance the blogging experience and to make it easier for all sorts of users.

Text Image: How to add blogger contact form gadget on your blog

Now, you can add the new Contact form gadget introduced by the Blogger platform very easily on your blog so that your visitors can reach you easily. For this, you don’t need to learn the complex codes or don’t even need to register any third party. The contact form is very basic, with the three fields: Name, E-mail, and Message. You can place this widget on the sidebar.

When a visitor leaves a message through this contact form, the message reaches directly to your inbox, and you can reply them directly.

Follow these simple steps to insert contact form gadget to your blog:

1. Log in to your blogger account.

2. Click Layout tab.

Screenshot: Layout and Add a Gadget Tabs on Blogger

3. Click Add a Widget.

4. Click on More Gadget tab, below the basic gadgets’ tab.

Screenshot: Blogger Gadgets

5. Click on Contact Form Gadget.

Screenshot: Blogger contact form gadget

6. Edit the title like, Contact Us, reach us, or whatever creative you title you can add!

Screenshot: How to configure contact form widget

7. Press Save. Move the widget on the place you want on sidebar.

8. Save the changes. The contact form will look like the screenshot below.

9. You can send test message to check if the form is working properly, though it is so easy            that you won’t face any problem.

Benefits of Adding Contact form Gadget:

  • By adding the contact form gadget, the interaction with your readers will increase.
  • You can get the feedback about your work and improve the content and the quality of your blog.
  • Prospective customers, who are interested in your business services or products, contact more, if they have easy contact form, with less information needed to be given as it saves their time.  

If you haven’t already created a means of contact for your readers, create it now and don’t forget to share your experiences after installing contact form on your blog.

Enjoy Blogging! 

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