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6 Marketing Strategies we can Learn from Vegetable Vendors

Vegetable vendors and street hawkers are the best marketers. They sell very low priced products, but they have to put all the creativity in their salesmanship for success. Every marketer whether he sells products or services, whether they are for big brands or start-ups, they need to be ingenious. There are some strategies we all can learn from Indian vegetable vendors.

1.  Offer and Price should be Precise.

Vegetable vendors sell the vegetables for 5 or 10 bucks. Thus, the price they set is easy to remember and eye catching. Customers can easily decide what they are getting for the price and so they can take a quick decision whether to buy or not. When we keep the price like  USD 499, it looks apparently as 400s but customers may think for some time and round it to 500, then believe the price as more expensive than they actually thought, it gives an impression of dishonesty or trick.

2. Offer shouldn't be too complicated for the customer to assess.

Vegetable sellers keep already created bundles or a bunch of the quantity of vegetable they are going to sell for the set price. This saves the time of both the customer and the vendor during even rush hour. There is not any need of scales. This easy method double or triple the sales.
This strategy is very functional for online service providers. We can break our services for different price ranges and create packages of services for big projects. Prospects don’t need much time take the decision of buying right service they need and the price they can afford.

3. Keep the communication channel absolutely simple and easy.

A crowded big marketplace generally turns noisy with quarrels over bargaining, change, and cheating in measuring quantities. Such quarrels result in decreased sales due to wastage of time leaving negative impression on customers. No bargaining means more sales in lesser time. What vendors have to think is to give satisfactory quantity of the product in the given price.
If you have services and price set up conversion rate is going to increase.

4. Simple offers sale more.

People can easily buy in the multiples of five, usually 10, 20, so they find it handy to buy more bundles of vegetables.
 Just keep it simple, easy to understand for different levels of customers with different ranges of needs and budgets.

5. Don’t raise the price frequently.

Vegetable prices keep changing almost weekly, they keep the rate same by changing quantity. Psychologically speaking customers are ok with a bit lesser quantity while buying on the same rate. If rates are increased then customers think more before buying.

6. Define ‘Your’ Style to define your brand!  

Vegetable vendors shout with their own style, that’s the simplest and best branding I have ever seen. They also create their own communication style with customers. In addition, they organize their vegetables attractively; some charge more for high quality vegetables and do not compromise with the price. They can do so confidently because they know their target customers are going to buy from them only.
This ‘Keep it Simple’ attitude attracts more buyers with less chaos.

The next most important step after lead generation, communication style 
which does branding for you. The experience your communication gives to the customers brings them back to you.

Marketing is an art not just to sell but for creating more and more ‘Happy Sales’.

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