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23 Super Simple Tips for Social Media Personal Branding

Social media can create unlimited opportunities for you. Don't rely only on traditional promotional tactics. Meet your fans and interact with them directly from social media accounts. Here are 23 super simple tips for your personal branding on social media. 

Image:23 Super Simple Tips for Social Media Personal Branding

1. Begin your personal branding by joining social networking sites. At the beginning, you can join the social networking sites which you find easy to use. There is some difference in networking sites as some like Twitter focus on short limited character messages, some other like Pinterest and Instagram are image focused websites. 

2. Claim vanity URLs for your username. You can choose the username that highlights your name and special talent. Keep it easy to remember and type so that your audience can instantly fix it in their minds. Also, keeping same URLs for different social media sites makes it easy for the users to recognize you on various platforms.

3. Write an interesting bio to tell the people more about you. Write about yourself that reflect your personality and basically why people should connect with you. It's not necessary to have something funny in bios. 

4. You need to carry out a search about sharing habits and likes of your targeted users. The age group of your audience, their profession, and the time at which they are most active. 

5. Now that you have set up your social media accounts, it's time to share and engage with people. Formulate a strategy with social calendar, sharing timings and content to share. 

6. For personal branding choose or create a unique hashtag to use in your social posts in addition to the commonly used niche specific hashtags.

7. You can create a template to share quotes and your thoughts that will work as a brand identity for you. 

8. Include your short signature in your posts so that your followers will know that you interact with them directly. 

9. Do not buy followers. Active users can easily recognize the difference between real and fake followers. A lot of tools are also available to find out the fake following. So, try to build the organic fan following. Even if they are less in numbers, real followers have the real impact.

10.Building real following needs time, but the journey is really enjoyable when you connect with more and more real people.

11. Share your thoughts and opinions. 
Interact with your audience regularly. Inspire your following by your posts. 

"Interact with your audience regularly. Inspire your following by your posts. 

Tweet: Interact with your audience regularly. Inspire your followers by your posts. http://ctt.ec/4gvh9+ via @mohinipuranik #SMM

12. Regular sharing can bring a bigger impact of your identity than overly used traditional promotion.

13. Don't be overly informal and share too much personal life or photos publicly. 

14. Also, don't be too formal. Let people know real you are managing the handle.

15. If you can't give time the manage your handles and need a social media manager, let your fans know when you'll interact with them.  Set a regular time to chat with them weekly or monthly.

16. Following back is a good gesture and strategy to connect with people. But don't rely on automatic tools to follow back. Instead, do not follow back fake followers. Check the tweets/posts before following if you would like their posts to follow then only follow.

17. Never try fake 'verified account' images like the official blue verified badge by Twitter. Such attempts will only harm your image. Link your account to your website to show that it's your official account. Additionally, share all your social media handles on your website.

18. For networking and interacting with real people participate in Twitter chats that in your niche and that interest you. 

19. Careful usage of the words is very important. But, don't let perfection become a stress for you.

20. For trolls, keep one policy; don't feed them. Never engage with trolls, that's what they want. Trolls want you to engage with them, make you upset and then bring you down. But, it's always nice to respond to constructive criticism and honest feedback with good intentions.

21. Personal branding cannot be achieved without the real person. Social media isn't a fad as many people still believe so. If used seriously with set goals you can create your influence without spending as much as you need to spend in traditional marketing. 

22. Share what you really love to share and enjoy, don't take too much burden of rules, tools and analytics.