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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

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Facebook Marketing : Customize Look of Your Page

Facebook provides lots of options to customize the page so that you can make your page different, attractive, informative and catchy to get more and more LIKEs and to make your marketing successful.

The first best thing with Facebook pages is Cover Photo of your timeline.
Whenever you buy a book, the first thing which draws your attention is Cover Page. Your Timeline is like your Online Journal, your online Daily, which needs an attractive cover photo which will draw attention of your targeted audience.

The first thing anybody looks when they visit your page is the Cover Photo, so your cover photo should be unique.

Cover photo should be minimum 399 Pixels.

Facebook has terms about which photos MAY NOT be cover photos. 

Please click the link to know and follow them:

How should I choose a coverphoto for my Page?


How to Upload a Cover Photo?

Go to Cover Page place on your page.
On the space for Cover page, hover mouse, the option ‘Add Cover’ or if you already have cover photo ‘Change Cover’ will appear. Click there. 

You have 4 options

Choose from Photos : 

Choose your photo from already uploaded photos.

Upload Photo :

Upload new photo.

Reposition :

Drag and reposition for best suited visibility

Remove :

If you are not satisfied with the photo and wish to remove the it, click here.

Your page must be looking beautiful now.

Now, add a unique profile picture.

Profile picture appears every time you post or comment . So profile picture is your online identity, it’s always in front of the eyes of people, who are reading your posts or your comments on other pages. So choose unique Profile picture. You can choose the square image of your brand’s logo.

How to Upload or Change Profile Picture?

Go to the Edit page, top right side corner.

Click on Update Info

On the left hand side, you will see a list of options, click on Profile Picture.

Choose a Square image, upload, crop if needed

You can Change or upload profile pic by directly clicking on Profile picture. Click on Edit Profile Picture.

Change or upload from existing photos. One benefit from directly clicking on  Edit Profile Picture is you can add photos from uploaded photos and it is quick too.

Drag and reposition or crop to fit the square properly.

Save the changes.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback.