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Facebook Marketing Success Secrets

Joining Facebook is entering the ocean of a new world of opportunities. A world of friends, likes, comments, pages, activities and in our case a world of Marketing opportunities open with just one Sign Up. Today I will share some successful steps and strategies for Facebook Marketing and getting more LIKES for your page. I believe in gaining and sharing Knowledge and hard work more than tricks to get followers.  Do try these steps and you will start your Facebook marketing with success.

Your friends can be your potential customers, but what  I honestly feel, we should keep our personal profile really like personal profile. Our Marketing page will bring the customers, so we don’t need to worry about that. To gain real friends and well wishers, real supporters is the success of life more than just a success in Marketing.  

Wherever you are living but once you join Facebook, you connect with the people across the globe. Whether you are marketing manager of a small firm, or a local business owner, whether you are from any remote place, or undeveloped place, you can run your Online business and sell your product, your skills to this world. People from different countries different demographics are ready to listen to you. People from different cultures are ready to buy your product. The world is like a small village on Facebook.

Facebook for Learning :

Learning is a process which doesn’t have any end point. In marketing, you have to

1.      Learn 


2.  Compare from and with other businesses. 

  1. Learn : You can learn, marketing strategies, the success and failures from     millions of pages related to the business. This is what I always keep doing for learning new strategies. Facebook pages are the live example of which strategies bring success and which does not.
  2. Compare : You can compare with the business strategies, the fan following of your competitors in business.
  3. Modify : You can modify your strategies accordingly. You can create a new marketing plan which will bring success to your campaign.

Like and Comment as a Page :

Like and comment other pages of your niche as a page and other pages, their admins and their fans will start knowing you and your page. Thus it is possible that they will click your page, visit your timeline and may LIKE your page. Small pages may LIKE your page in return of your LIKE.

Feature LIKEed pages :

You can feature  pages you have LIKED which will show your choice and of course reputation. It brings a positive impression in the minds of people. If you have multiple pages, you can feature your own pages as you have LIKED them and get More Likes for them.

Edit page --> Update Info --> Featured --> Edit Featured LIKES. 

Feature Admins :


Feature the admins on your page. Not all pages use this strategy. But featuring admins, will bring more trust and more LIKES. You can do this by going in

Edit page --> Update Info --> Featured --> Edit Featured Page Owners. 


Show your pages in your Personal Profile, going in

Update Info --> Pages --> Select the page you wish to feature and it will appear in your profile info.

The benefit of this is whenever people visit your profile, they will know about your page and most probably they are going to LIKE your page.

Regular Posting :

Start posting on the timeline of your page regularly about your product, website.  Once you get 30 LIKES, you will get the access to Insights of your pages, which is nothing but Statistics of your visitors with details. 

I am sure you are enjoying learning here.