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How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications 'Quickly'?

Annoyed by the too many notifications on Facebook?

Your answer must be big Yes.

Facebook Group Notifications :

There are thousands of groups on Facebook and your friends can add you in different groups without your permission. You start getting the notifications from the group automatically. You can turn off the notifications without visiting the group, to save your time. 

Notifications of the posts, photos, statuses you are tagged in:


This is the most annoying form of notifications because once you are tagged in a photo, status or post, you get notifications when anybody comments, likes the particular post in which you are tagged. 

You can 'turn off' all these notifications by simple step as shown in the screen shot. 

Turn Off Notifications Quickly :


When you check the notifications you will see 'x' sign on the right hand side, just click there and you will get Unfollow option. Unfollow the post you want to unfollow and the notifications will be turned off. 

If you wish to follow the post you Unfollowed just Undo the action.

Now stay focused while using Facebook, by turning off unnecessary notifications.  Happy Facebooking.