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How To Create and Embed Twitter Custom Timeline on Your Website

Twitter allows the users to create custom timeline and create a widget for that timeline which can be embedded onto website. Enabling this feature twitter has opened more opportunity for the users to use Twitter more effectively and more comprehensively with more interactions for branding and marketing purposes.

What is Twitter Custom Timeline:

When we search any keyword or hashtag on Twitter, the search results we get are in the form of a timeline. When we want to follow a particular search result and want to share it with our website users, we can embed these search results with the help of a widget. Twitter provides us widget configurator by which we can create a widget for custom timeline and can embed it on our website. 

Steps to Create and Embed Custom Timeline Widget:

1. Search the term, keyword or Hash tag on Twitter, the results of which you want to embed.     You can use the advanced search too.

2. Click on the gear icon next to the search results.
3. Click on Embed Search and you will be redirected to Widget Configurator. 


4. Here you can choose, different options like to enable safe search mode, to show only top          tweets or to show all the tweets and auto expansion of photos. Auto expand photos option      will increase the loading time and it’s not the important and beneficial option, so it’s better      to keep it unchecked. You can also choose the height of the widget.

5. Then choose the right theme and link colors which will be clearly visible on the theme of          your website.

6.  Click on the create widget button and you will get the code of the widget.
     Copy and paste the code on your website.

Different widgets you can create are the timeline for Favorites, the timeline for a particular username tweets and a widget for the lists stream.

Benefits of Embedding Custom Timeline:

People can interact, retweet directly from the website. This feature is not just useful to gain more followers for the brand but also effective for more lead generation and more customers.

Strategies to use Custom Timeline for Branding and Marketing:

  • You can use the widget for a particular hash tag created for your brand.
  • Twitter search can be embedded to promote an event. People can discuss, interact, and ask queries related to the event. Followers of the event and the company will increase.
  • Embedding timeline for a particular handle is also great way to increase the engagement. Hootsuite has embedded their Twitter help handle on their help section of the site, people can ask for help through this widget and can get the instant help too.
  • A company can create a list of the employees’ twitter handles and the list timeline can be embedded on company website for the live updates.
  • Marketers often arrange twitter chat. The timeline with hashtag for the twitter chat can be embedded.

Decide the strategy which will be perfect for your brand depending  on your marketing goal and targeted audience.

Do share your experiences about gain of followers, lead generation before and after embedding the custom timeline. 

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