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List: 10 Popular Twitter Hashtags for Psychotherapists

Rapid growth in Smartphone users and the growth in apps have brought the whole world in the users' palms. Psychotherapists adapting with the technology revolution nowadays provide online therapy sessions via Skype or apps or pre recorded audio-videos. Effective use of hashtags can boost your online presence. Here is a list of popular twitter hashtags that psychotherapists can use to promote their online counselling.

1. #OnlineCounselling

2. #OnlineTherapy

3. #Anxiety

4. #Depression

5. #Psychotherapy

6. #Bipolar

7. #Stigma

8. #MentalIllness

9. #MentalHealth


These hashtags can give you an idea about popular trends in the mental health niche. There are many tools that can give you advanced analytics of hashtags like their daily use, popularity, and retweets. Plan for long-term usage of niche hashtags to build audience for your business and lead generation. Experimentation with hashtags with the changing trends can be more effective and can address larger audience.