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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Publicizing Your Competitor? Be Careful!

Many times in the attempt to win social media wars and competition some strategies go wrong, ending up in benefitting your competitor. There are little things which tempt us to use to defeat the competitor but they prove to be self damaging.
Here are 3 quick points for you to avoid mistakes of publicizing your competitor by investing your resources. Be cautious!
1. Self damaging Negative Policy 
Negative hashtag trends, abusive trolling not just give free publicity to your competitor, but creates sympathy vibes for them and increases their height at your cost. Also it creates negative sentiments for you and your brand.
Leaders are judged by their followers. If you have angry, abusive followers you will be judged for their mistakes and unfortunately, negativity is something people remember without marketing.

2. Stop Comparing Now!
When you compare your competitor with yourself first thing happens is you bring the competitor in your comparison who may not be otherwise anywhere in your comparison.
All the purpose of marketing is telling the world why they don't have any option to you or your brand. But by comparing with your competitor to tell that you are better than them you give options to people to choose either you or your competitor which in turn means you are creating an option of rejection in the minds of your target audience.
These very little psychological strategic mistakes are many times ignored and we realize the loss at the result only.
When you market your message on social media, your audience should think about you and not your competitor.

3. It's your name that matters.

I believe marketing strategies should focus on long-term gain for the brand name rather than short  instant emotion. Memes and little posts create such instant emotions which can be changed anytime by other such posts. But when you touch the emotions of your audience they will change for any reason. When you touch their hearts they won't think about your competitor.
Creating emotional connect takes time but will last as compared to trolling and hashtags trends.