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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.


I am a blogger, poet and social media marketing consultant. I am fascinated by Advaita Philosophy. 

My Philosophical and Poetry Blogs :


Narayankripa has completed two plus successful years and has gained  massive support in different online communities and forums. Narayankripa is my English blog. So far my 100 plus articles are published on this blog, they represent Indian Culture and Advaita philosophy, the significance of Indian Traditions explaining Hinduism as a culture more than just religion. A unique experiment is done on Gurukripa to use original Sanskrit words with explanations instead of replacing them with the English words which is devaluing and proving improper for the original meaning of the word. This experiment is loved by the readers. Narayankripa is a motivational blog too. It motivates and guides to the people who are on a spiritual path and those who are pursuing their goals in the material world. 

Narayankripa has 100 plus poems and Haiku which are motivational, spiritual, patriotic. Narayankripa includes thought provoking patriotic articles too. 


Vicharyadnya is my Marathi blog with thought provoking articles and beautiful spiritual poetry. 


Chaitanyapuja is my Hindi Blog with beautiful poems and songs mainly represeting Radha Krishna Love and devotion and Patriotism. 

JeevanMukti : 

I share my Sanskrit poetry on this blog. This is relatively new blog. 

My Photography :

KrishnaMohinee :

I share my photography love on KrishnaMohinee blog. As I love Lord Krishna, my name is with His name in this blog and the photos of beautiful world created by Him is shared on this blog. On this blog, photography of my brother Dnyanesh Puranik is also shared. 

My Presentations : 

I have undertaken some unique projects to explain Indian Spirituality and Indian Festivals, the path of devotion which is known as  Bhaktiyoga in the form of PowerPoint Presentations, with simple words and photography. You can find my presentations here at Mohini Puranik on Slideshare