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Is Facebook Safe?

Many people have doubts about the security of their information on Facebook. Facebook provides privacy settings, you can choose to share your information, with your friends only or friends of your friends or public. You can change the visibility of each post. But after all in real life too, we do not share every information with everybody whom we know. The friends on Facebook are not necessarily the people you have met or the people who are your friends in real life. Also you are using Facebook for marketing mainly, so you don’t need to share, too much personal info. But of course, you can’t be too formal that people may start thinking you as a robot.

So, by now you must have decided to join Facebook. I will share about the privacy settings in detail in upcoming articles.  

What can you ‘Create’ on Facebook?

  1. Your Personal Profile
  2. Groups Groups
  3. Fan page or A page
  4. Apps – for developers

Your Personal Profile :

My Timeline showing Activity log, subscribers and months in timeline reaching past activities. 

Your personal profile is your identity on Facebook, it’s like your home on Facebook. Your personal profile has
  1. Timeline – Timeline shows all ‘Activities’ done by you on Facebook from the date you have joined Facebook. Earlier Timeline used to be called as Wall. The timeline is better than the wall, because on the wall, for past activities, one had to scroll down, but now timeline shows the previous years and months and by clicking them you can reach to a particular ‘Activity’ as shown in the screenshot.
  2. News Feed – Shows the activities of your friends and the pages you have ‘Liked’. News Feed has two options, it shows Most Recent or Top Posts.

You can see your timeline by clicking your name on top right hand side and you can see the News Feed by clicking on ‘Facebook’ on top left hand side.
Activity : Activity means, Liking, commenting, posting on others’ timelines, posting in groups.

What Can You Do By and With Personal Profile?

  1. Build Friends : Add people in your network, which are known as ‘Friends’ on Facebook. People can send you ‘Friend’s request’ which means they want to add you in their network and wish them to be in your network, this means that they are asking the permission for becoming friends. When You ‘Accept’ their friend’s request you become their friend.  Once you are friend with somebody you can comment and or like their activities and they can comment and or like your activities.
  2. Subscribers : People can ‘subscribe’ to your public updates and you can subscribe to others’public updates. Facebook has limitation of adding / having 5000 friends. But number of subscribers don’t have any limit.
  3. Groups: You can create groups dedicated to a particular subject. Add friends in the groups, you and your friends can post in the groups. Groups can be Open, Closed or Secret. 
  4. Page : You can create Like Page or Fan Page of your brand, or your profile

Important : Once somebody sends you friend’s request, they get automatically subscribed to your public updates until you reject their request. Subscribers can like your posts but can’t comment because generally setting is that only friends can comment on your profile.   
In the next articles we will know about creating your personal profile and fan page. Stay connected.