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How to Customize Privacy Settings of Facebook Account

By now, you must have set your Facebook Account settings in General Settings and Security sections, which is most important at the beginning. I know, you are very excited to create your page and start marketing, but without choosing the correct settings or the customization which is appropriate for you, you can’t move further, or you may remain in a confused state at the beginning.  

Customize Your Privacy Settings :

Go to top right corner of your Facebook Account, near the Home tab, select the drop down menu. Facebook keeps making changes, so it’s possible by the time you will be reading this post, the settings may be at somewhere different position.

  1. Select Privacy Settings.
  2. Choose friends, Public or Custom. Custom settings allow you to set the visibility to only specific people or only a particular list, and it allows you to hide the posts from the people you want. I will recommend to set your settings to Public, as you are on Facebook for Marketing, let people know your updates. You are supposed not to share too much personal info in public. Facebook allows subscribers to get your public updates, so if you set your settings to Public, you will reach more and more no. of people.
  3. The benefit of choosing settings to Public, is it increases the chances of more and more people may subscribe your public updates. We will have discussion on Custom settings at some other time, as this is not important at this point.

How You Connect :

Next section is How you connect with the world and search engines. 

  1. Who can look up for you using Email or Phone no. and options are Everyone, Friends of Friends and Friends. Selecting, Everyone or friends of friends will increase your visibility in search but it is somewhat insecure as everybody can guess your login email or phone no. and this can be a threat to your account as hackers also can search you by your Email or phone no. 
  2. Who can send you friend’s request, again there are three options and if you are on Facebook for marketing purpose, it will obviously be beneficial if you choose ‘Everyone’ as the answer of this setting. For women, it becomes problematic  as they get many friend’s request which are purposeless. Depending on your concern about Privacy, choose the setting correctly or keep changing if you feel you haven’t chosen the setting which is right for you. 
  3. Who Can Send You Messages : Again same three options you have. And choosing Everyone will be beneficial to reach more and more audience. But depending on your experience, and privacy concerns choose the settings which are right for you.

Timeline and Tagging :

  1. The most important section in this is Review tagging. People tag you in their posts and it goes as notification like ‘x is tagged in y’s post’ and that post appears on your Timeline. So, even if you have not allowed to post on your timeline, the post automatically appears due to tagging. Secondly, people may tag themselves in your posts and your post will appear on their Timeline, without your wish.  By making the review ON for these both types of Tagging, you can choose to allow or ignore the tag, to remove tag completely you have to go to that particular post in which someone has tagged you or someone has tagged themselves in your post. Once you ignore the tagging, the post which you don’t want will not appear on your timeline.  

IMPORTANT : Your timeline is your own space on Facebook, to share your thoughts, photos, if you are tagged in too many posts and without review if they keep appearing on your timeline, your Timeline will be occupied by others’ thoughts and posts. Also, unwanted posts, may appear on your timeline and it may harm your online reputation. So, always keep the review ON.

The rest of the settings are not much important at this stage, we will see them at some other time, in separate post.

Always Remember three things

  1. You are on Facebook for marketing
  2.  So, you don’t need to share too much personal info.
  3. So, customize your privacy settings correctly and accordingly and set your security settings Carefully.