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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.

Word of Mouth made Viral by Social Media

In the last article we saw the Traditional Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing  to influence people. The next thing as a buyer or customer is what really influences you? Do you buy a product whichever  that just looks attractive, or the product about which you have heard from a friend or some expert whom you can trust?

This is the power of social media you can build the trust and relationships with your customers online. You can reach every home without going door to door.  Doesn't this sound very simple? And you know, the modern days’ word of mouth is RETWEETs, LIKEs, SHAREs, FAVORITEs.  Every Social Networking Site has  different parameters, but the concept of socialization is the same. People grow their network on Social Networking Sites and when they like something they tell this to their friends, means the people who are connected with them on a Social Networking Site. The biggest benefit of this in real world, it is not possible for people to tell all their friends, what they like or what they have bought just now. In real life when people meet in Social Events it is not possible that people will discuss about their favorite brand. But in the virtual world of Social Media every activity by a person is shared with the people in the network of that person automatically. And thus the word of mouth is spread very easily. Also people can recommend what they like to their friends easily on Social Networking Site as it does not take much time and need no money.  

Can you imagine having 5000 friends in real life,  and to whom you are telling about your Likes And Dislikes ? And can you expect them to listen? It will become a big public meeting , that is completely impractical. But on Social Networking people can have friends across the globe and not necessarily they are all friends in real life. Your Online Reputation decides the success of your Marketing Campaign online.  And the network you grow through the fan page on different Social Networking Site are not only the people or subscribers who are going to hear you. But your fans’ friends, their friends of friends are going to know about your brand, your latest product. Your fans’ friends, friends of friends are going to reach Your Page.  Of course to build the network is not the one day process. To bring real traffic and fans takes some time, lots of ‘ACTIVITY’ to build online trust. Your communication and interaction with your fans, friends  build your reputation online and spread the Word Of Mouth.

From the beginning I have emphasized on the Strategies in Marketing  in Social Media.  Not every company who has their fan page on Facebook or those who has followers on Twitter are using all the features that SNS (Social Networking Sites) offer. On the other hand some people, forgetting the rules of the communities, do spamming to spread their product which creates the bad reputation online. Remember, your bad image also spreads virally on Social Networking. So you should be very careful and always remember the concept of ‘Socializing’ in online marketing. As you are getting all the benefits of Social Media at least cost, you also should not hesitate to give knowledge, ebooks, gifts to your fans free of cost. It will build your REAL fan base. 
So, the most important points to remember in Social Media Marketing are :

  • Socialization as a real person, not like Robot
  • Interaction and Activity on Social Media
  • Finally Online Reputation