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Facebook Marketing : Admin Roles for Facebook Pages

As The Facebook is used more and more for marketing, it is also improving and changing in a way to give maximum benefit to marketers. Recently, Facebook as added different admin roles in Facebook pages for better flexibility in working with and managing the Facebook pages. Earlier, all page admins used to have all rights regarding modification, content
generation on Facebook pages. Now, the roles can be restricted and that is why can be more focused. Now, Page owners can add any no. of admins to Facebook Pages  and  decide their roles as follows.

Different Admin Roles :

Manager :

As the name suggests, a manager can manage the complete page which means the complete control on the page administration the managers have. Manager can manage admin roles of all admins. Manger can create and modify content, can resopond to and can delete comments, can send messages as page, can create ads and can have access to insights – the statistics of visitors and their demographics etc.

Content Creator :

A content creator can’t have the right to decide the admin roles, rest of the all privileges are same as the manager.

Moderator :

A moderator can respond to and can delete comments, send messages as page, can create ads and can view the insights.

Advertiser :

An advertiser can create the sponsored ad of the page and that is why can have access to insights to, to check the impact of the ad.

Insights Analyst :

Insights analyst have the access to Insights only and rest of the other rights are not accessible for them.

Benefits of Different Admin Roles :

The Insight analysis is a big task and deep analysis is needed. So these focused roles divide the work and make the page more efficient and more productive.

More no. of jobs are created in Social Media.

A page can expand the reach rapidly as any no. of admins can be added to do different roles.

Security is increased as not every admin have all rights to modify,to delete the page, to add or to delete more admins.  This is another reason, any no. of admins can be added now.

Important :

Password of individual account of admin is need to make any changes. E. g. manager will require his or her own password for any changes. Similarly other admins will need their own password, if they wish to remove themselves. This is added in the Facebook for more security.  

How to make changes in Admin Roles :

  1. Go to Edit Page
  2. Click on Admin Roles
  3. On a particular admin, when you click on Manager, as shown in the screenshot drop down menu appears and from them roles can be selected.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment.