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Facebook Marketing : Create LIKE page for Marketing

Now, you must have set up your personal profile. You must have some friends in your network and now, you must be excited to know about the Marketing Page on Facebook.

1. Yes! It sounds revolutionary, that now, you can create a page for Marketing of Your Brand or Company or Organization or Local Business.

2. And most wonderful and awesome thing is you can create your page for free.

3. Facebook Pages are free but the benefits of pages are like wonders.

4. If you are a small business owner, you have got the opportunity to connect with the world and tell about your business to the world.

5. The Facebook page is useful for both Business to Business  (B2B) marketing and Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing.

6. The Facebook page is going to make your product viral.

7. If you are a celebrity or a less known artist, a Facebook page is the means which connects you with your fans and which can establish a conversation with your fans.

So, let’s see how to create a Facebook page.

How to create a Facebook Page

1. Go to Facebook.

2. Click on Create a Page a top right bottom of the Sign up Page.

3. Log in with your email id and password which you are using for your personal Profile.

4. You will reach to 6 main categories.

5. Choose the right category for your page, then you will get sub categories, choose the appropriate one suited to your page. E.g. If you choose Artist, band or public figure, you will have sub categories, like a writer, editor, doctor, choose the one which represents you.

6. Check the box of ‘I agree with the terms and conditions’

7. Now, your page is ready for marketing. 

8. To get the username you want, you need minimum 25 LIKES to your page.

9. You can invite your Email Friends for LIKEs  from different Email accounts.

10. You can invite friends from your friends’ list to LIKE your page.

What is a Facebook Page?

1. Similar to your personal profile, you have a timeline and news feeds for page too.

2. The timeline shows your posts as your Page, not as your name which is on your Facebook account.

3. News feed shows the posts from the pages you have LIKED as a page. Remember news feed in the page section shows the activities of pages not your friends.

4. You can switch between the personal profile and page anytime you want.

5. When you are posting as a page or in simple words when you are in page mode, your Likes, comments and other activities on other pages or on your own page too,appear as ‘page name’ not as your personal profile name.

Important :

You can create a Facebook Page directly by signing up but then you won’t be able to switch between the personal profile and  the page. So the above method of creating Facebook page is the simplest.
When you are logged in you can create a Facebook page by scrolling down and clicking on ‘Create  Facebook Page’ tab. But your news feed or timeline, keeps going down as you scroll down, and it becomes difficult to click on ‘Create Page’ .  So to go to ‘create page’ before logging in is easier.

Enjoy the Facebook Marketing, after learning the basics, we will discuss more about strategies in next articles.