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Facebook Marketing : Set The 'About' Section of Your Page

Whenever new visitor visit to your page the first thing they see is the Cover page and the first thing they read is the About Line of your page. Then generally people read Timeline, click About section and read the description, contact info and see the page owners’ means Admins names. Then they may LIKE your page or just by About Line if it is catchy, they may LIKE your page.

Almost every page set the Welcome Page as a default landing page for new visitors. But from my experience I feel, people are interested to read the latest updates on your Timeline and secondly, welcoming is done by the Cover Page look already, though ‘LIKE our page etc.’ things are not allowed on Cover page. So, today let us set the ‘About’ section of your Facebook Page.

Click to 

Edit Page

Update Info

Basic Information

Choose a Category

Choose Sub Category

Official: If your page is an unofficial page of any company or brand in Official Page section please mention Official Page

Select Username : Username should be similar to your page name and should be such that people can memorize it very easily and can type it whenever they wish to visit your page. It will look like Facebook.com/username

Name of The Page : Choose the name according to your brand or the Company’s name or Your profile page will be by your name.

Start Date: Add the starting date.

Start Type: If your page is a page of a public figure or celebrity, then you will choose born, if it is a company page then founded, started, launched. Choose the type according to the page. This and date will be visible whenever anybody visits the About Section.

About :

4 Tips to make your About line catchy :

  1. It is not a description, so write it in one or maximum in two lines.
  2.  The line should have page’s subject and goal in brief.
  3. Use Simple words
  4. Use short lines if you are having more than one line.

Description : 

  1. Include Vision/ Mission of your company
  2. 5 to 8 line description is fine.
  3. Avoid too lengthy description
  4. Add website address and email.

Some Tips about Description:

Facebook Notifications are updated non – stop, ticker is moving non –stop. In this situation it is hard that someone will spend more than 30 – 40 seconds in reading your About description. So keep it simple and short covering all points.  

You can update this info anytime you wish by following the above procedure or by
Clicking the ‘About’.