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Manage Permissions Section of Facebook Page

Different settings Facebook fan page administrators can do are really powerful. For a new Facebook user or new administrator too many options sometimes become confusing. Sometimes we ignore options and their proper use. To avoid any confusion for my readers I am sharing all possible basic information where there is a possibility of confusion.

You can manage the permissions of viewers, their age limits or the country limits by choosing proper settings. You can make settings such way that by default the comments with certain words will be marked as spam , means they will be hidden.

As you are using a Facebook page for marketing and promoting your brand virally on Facebook. You may not like any restriction, but in case if any age or any other restriction due to laws of certain countries is needed, you can make the settings according to your requirement by following procedure.

Go to Edit Page on top right hand side of your page. 

Click to Mange Permissions and a list of no. of options will appear on your screen.

Unpublish the page :

You can check the box here, if you wish to unpublish the page for any reason. By unpublishing the page the page will be hidden from non – admins that means page will be hidden from the people who have LIKEed it too. Don’t worry, you can publish your page anytime when you wish by Edit Page and Publish the page.

The reasons of unpublishing the page may be many. Sometimes you wish to make some major changes in the look of the page and then wish to publish it again. Or sometimes you create some page redundant or unnecessary, you wish to unpublish it.

Country Restrictions :

You can enter the list of the countries, where you wish to hide the content of the page. These restriction means logged out users will not be able to see your page in the listed countries.
If you wish to show your page to the people all over the world, just  keep the box empty without adding any name of the country.

Age Restriction :

If you wish to limit the audience to some age group only, you can select from the drop down list, and in case your product is for the general public, just keep ‘Anyone(13+)’ selected.

Posting Ability :

In this section, you can choose the permissions to who can post on your page. Check the boxes accordingly if you wish to allow people to post or not. I will recommend for Facebook Marketing, allow people to post on your page’s wall.

Important :
Once somebody posts on your page’s wall, the Activity will appear on his/her timeline and in the news feed of their friends. This means your page will be viral and chances are that the friends of your fans may LIKE your page and know more about your page.

Also these posts will look like a feedback on your page.  People can add photos or videos to your page’s timeline if you allow so. You can experiment to see the increase or decrease in traffic and change it again accordingly.

You can always remove a post you don’t like.

Post Visibility :

If you check the first option, show the box ‘Recent posts by Others’ on the top of your page, the posts by others will appear at that place, otherwise they will appear in the timeline just like it appears in our timeline of personal profile if somebody posts on our wall.

Choose the option whichever you like,Recent posts by others on right hand side, separate others’posts from your timeline and thus people can collectively see the popularity of page.

 Default Visibility of posts by others on your page’s Timeline : Options

Allow on Timeline:  Choose this option if you wish to appear the posts by other on your timeline by default

Hidden from Timeline : Choose this option if you wish to approve the posts by others before they will appear on your timeline, by default posts by others will be hidden by checking this option.

Tagging Ability : If you check this option, people will be able to tag anybody they wish in the photos you have added.  If anybody tags their friends in your photos, your page will be viral more. But if you add photos of people tagging uncontrolled will be wrong. So choose the setting accordingly.

Messages :

Show the message button on the page. What will you choose here? Of course choose the message button ON, you will get more and more feedback, you can have more conversation with your fans.

Moderation Blocklist :

You can add words or phrases which you don’t want to appear in posts by others and in a comment. If that word appears the comment or post will be automatically hidden as spam.

Profanity Blocklist :

Facebook blocks most commonly reported words or phrases by the broadecommunity you can choose, none, medium or strong.

Finally you do not need to think about Delete page, 

Save Changes Finally.

If you feel any confusion, do not hesitate to ask here.