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Socialization plus Marketing is Success

We have seen so far the technical side of the Facebook page, now let’s discuss about Socialization. Facebook is started mainly for Socialization. We can socialize online, sites like Facebook , Twitter are called as Socialization.

Socialization online means, meeting new friends, and share thoughts, ideas, likes, with each other. If we start just marketing, selling our product, promoting it with some formal updates, we lose the essence of Social Networking Site, that is Socialization. If we treat our friends as only customers, if everybody starts treating others as customers,readers, viewers, who is going to read others’ posts ?  Then, posting on Facebook will become just one way and exchange of Ideas will not happen. From the beginning I am emphasizing on Interaction and eWOM i.e. E Word of Mouth.

The secret of our Marketing Success is eWOM and secret of eWOM is Socialization, making friends, talking with your friends.

We say, the Social Networking world as a virtual world, but is there any difference in Socializing online and that offline? No difference except the pace. Facebook is millions of times faster than the real world and twitter is millions of times faster than Facebook. But, the concept of making friends and sharing ideas remains the same.

Your real life connections, real life contacts become your friends, supporters, well wishers. You and your friends, connection helps each other, in difficult times and show support for each others’ work.  People start trusting you when they become your friends and your friends trust you because they know, that you are Nice.

If you are a helping person beyond just formal and business relations, beyond just marketing strategies, your helping nature also contribute building your reputation apart from your product or service.  Facebook is more like the real world than any other social networking site. The communication taking place on Facebook is higher than other sites.  

From my experience, I have learnt that we should post something everyday something which will be useful for friends. Apart from updates on my Facebook pages, I spend good time on discussing with friends, on different issues, discussing on different forums and helping friends, if I can. Just because somebody has helped me, shared ideas, thoughts with me and guided me, I am getting knowledge through Facebook, so I also contribute others .  And I don’t feel it is wastage of time, because I gain real friends by discussion and communication.

Our Karma builds our reputation. Rule of Karma is applicable to Social Networking Site, just like that is applicable in real life.

If you stay extremely formal, people will also think that you are only for marketing and for your business. You  can always use your personal profile for building networks and friends and page for marketing. Managing Facebook page is full time work  and it is not easy to find time to talk always. But you have a lot of ways to express people that you care for them; like posting motivational stuff and replying important messages at least.

Subtracting Socilization from Marketing will result in less fans and less success, especially when you are a small business owner, or  you are on Facebook for driving traffic to your site.

So, mark this secret in your brain :

Socialization + Marketing = Success in SMM