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'Get Notifications' - New Option for Facebook Pages

Facebook is showing sponsored stories and promoted posts more in the News Feed by which the posts by pages which are not sponsored are less visible in the news feed around 10 per cent or even less. 

Many non - profit organizations or causes are running Facebook pages without sponsoring advertisements or promoted stories. The fans of these pages are not getting all the updates due to the new strategy by Facebook.

But Facebook offers a new feature 'Get Notifications' which will give all notifications directly to fans once enabled.

Follow the following procedure :

The admins and fans of such pages  

Hover on LIKE button,

1. Click get notifications, you will get all notifications from our page. 

2. Or add to Interest List - Create interest list for your favourite topic and add the pages you love in the lists.

3. Check, Show in the News Feed.

4. One more option is to check the pages' feed by clicking :  https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed

Facebook posts more sponsored stories in the news feed, so very less stories are shown from the pages which are non sponsored.

Admins should encourage their fans for enabling the right options to reach maximum people.