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Twitter Guide for Beginners

What is Twitter? Why Is Twitter Best for Marketing?

Twitter is a microblogging site. You can share your thoughts, photos, links on the twitter with very fast pace which is unimaginable. 

Thousands of tweets are posted in one second, this will give you some idea of the pace of twitter. Twitter is the cheapest and best marketing tool for the Social Media Marketing Campaign of small and big businesses. 

How To Join The Twitter?

Joining Twitter is very simple. 

You will see sign in option for old user and sign up option for the new user. Please see the screenshot. 

To sign up simply enter your Full Name, Email and enter a password which will be safe and complex. 

Alternatively you can go to https://twitter.com/signup as shown in the screen shot below. 

Choose the username which will be your brand name if you are opening account for your company. This is also known as twitter handle, which is used and written with @ symbol, e.g. My twitter handle is @mohinipuranik which means https://twitter.com/mohinipuranik.

Tailer twitter means twitter shows the people you may like to follow based on your recent visits to the websites. This feature suggests the twitter users who are frequently followed by the people who visit the same websites. e.g. If you are visiting Social Media Marketing websites frequently, twitter will suggest you the people who are most followed by SMM website visitors. Twitter starts deleting your page visits after 10 days. Please visit the Privacy Policy of twitter before joining the site. We generally ignore this part but it is very important to know Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What is a Tweet?

Tweets is what you share on Twitter, limited to 140 characters only. So you have to be wise and precise while sharing your thoughts on twitter. 

Whom to Follow?

After joining twitter, next part will be finding friends to follow. Once you start following people or friends, their tweets will appear on the home page. 

Twitter suggests different topics after joining. 

Choose and click the topic of your interest and twitter will show the people who are posting in that category or who are related to that category. 

Start following the people.

You can find friends by connecting your Gmail and other mail accounts, so that twitter can find your friends who are already joined twitter and then you can follow them. 

You can directly search the people whom you know. 

Enter their name and click search. 

To get more followers start tweeting and sharing your thoughts, photos, links. 

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are keywords or topics to categorize the tweet. When you tweet using #tag, your tweet will appear in the search of that hashtag. e.g. if you are posting about Facebook, use #Facebook and your tweet will appear in the search #Facebook.

Enjoy Tweeting...:). 

Tip to Get More Followers :

The right way is to tweet more often with appropriate hash tags.