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10 Killer Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter marketing has become an essential tool of promotion for brands, individuals, small or big businesses. Without twitter promotion Social Media Presence will become almost negligible. Even if you or your brand is having a great success and a huge fan following on the Facebook still, I will say, Social Media Presence, brand management, communication with the prospects, viral reach becomes faint without twitter marketing. 

The Success Secret of Twitter : 


Millions of tweets - The short messages either with links or without links, with or without photos videos are posted, shared, reshared on Twitter just in 1 second. Once you know how to use this secret for your Twitter marketing, you will reach maximum targeted audience with minimum cost, time and of course with minimum words.

Hash Tags :  When you use Hashtags within the tweets, your tweet reaches in the search result of that particular Hashtags and to the millions of tweeples who are tweeting in the same Hashtag, even if they are not your followers. 

Just Imagine can you reach millions of prospects and customers withing few seconds and within few words? The competition is very high very high due to this fastest Twitter Secret but this competitive atmosphere increases the quality too.

Twitter Marketing Strategies :

  1. Spend some time on Twitter for market research in your niche on Twitter.  Find top tweeps, prospects, competitors.
  2. Make a plan for at least month or a week about the hashtags, no. of tweets daily. Be creative while writing tweets.
  3. Create lists and add twitter users from your niche to them .  By this, you can have market watch and what your customers or prospects are talking about your products.
  4. Arrange twitter chat and participate in twitter chats arranged by others in your niche.
  5. Use SEO keyword phrase in your tweets.
  6. Tweet on prime time. Choose the time and frequency of posting on twitter, when more no. of the twitter users in your niche are actively participating on twitter.  Depending on the geographical locations, local time of your targeted audience, the time for posting, discussions should be chosen.
  7. Keep reviewing the strategies, based on analytic reports. The time you spent for twitter marketing and increase in the no. of followers, retweets, favorites should be reviewed  frequently as per your twitter marketing plan and twitter marketing goals.  This is most important strategy because staying organized is necessary for Social Media Marketing.
  8. Favorite the feedback from your customers or followers. When people will check your profile, your favorites will appear like Testimonials on twitter.
  9. Help people by providing information they are searching for to build reputation and relations.
  10. Finally, love tweeting, enjoy the discussions, people like natural thoughts in the form of tweets more than just automated Tweets.

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