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Boost Facebook Posts Organically by Optimum Use of Hashtags

Facebook page managers must have used the Boost Post or Promote Post option to increase the reach of the Facebook post by spending extra money. Boosting post is indeed a good marketing strategy. But now, by the Facebook Hashtags, it has become possible to boost or promote Facebook post naturally or according to Facebook dictionary organically without spending extra money.

Boost Facebook Posts Organically : Optimum Use of Hashtags:

Image showing optimum and proper use of hashtags on Facebook to generate organic traffic

  1. Use hashtags in Facebook posts and make your post visible to even those who are not fans of your page or those who are not connected to you via Facebook.
  2. But, don't just use the hashtags just for the sake of using them. It takes only a few minutes to search the popular hashtag and then use it in your post.
  3. Keep the consistency in using same hashtags more often, so that all your posts will appear more often in the same graph search.
  4. Don't use too many hashtags at the level to disturb the natural reading of the original Facebook post. 
Screenshot shows how I use, Facebook hashtags and yes, I am getting best results and great increase in traffic.

Isn't this the easiest way to increase the traffic and make the brand name more popular on Facebook?

Have you started using Hashtags on Facebook? What changes did you notice in terms of growth in traffic and engagement?

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