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Featured as Rockstar Newbie on WikiHow

Last week, I joined wikiHow – leading learning site which teaches us how to do anything as their tag line indicates. I spent time in learning the various tools available on wikiHow, for editing, writing, and formatting the articles. I contributed there while learning. And, I am happy to share with you that wikiHow has chosen me as a Rockstar Newbie of the Week. Thanks you, wikiHow team, for helping, guiding, and for the selecting me among Rockstar Newbies. :-)

Image: Screenshot:Mohini Puranik Rockstar Newbie of the Week on WikiHow

So... the story is that I like wikiHow’s articles, which are descriptive with step by step instructions. The wikiHow community creates articles on a large number of topics. WikiHow is a collaborative project where people write and edit articles, and help each other to create the best how to guide which is turning wikiHow in the biggest knowledge hub. I loved this concept. As wikiHow has helped me to find the solutions of the questions, I was searching for, with the gratitude I joined the site.

In the past week, I categorized different articles, copyedited and tried to improve some by adding content, tried to clean up the articles, and done quick editing in RC patrol. I am really enjoying this work. So far, my contributions show 93 articles edits and 182 edits patrolled, including the topics like computers, gaming, health, emotional health, personal development, style, relationship issues, domestic violence, and any topic which I can improve by editing or adding content. WikiHow community is really helping, as I was a bit confused at the beginning, but with the continuous guidance of Anna and the wikiHow members, now I am enjoying editing here.  

What volunteer work can give is the satisfaction to help others, which something more than money.  

If you wish to know more about my contributions, click my wikihow user page.  


Wikihow teams has noted my edits by again listing me as Rockstar Newbie this week. Thank you WikiHow Team again.