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5 Strategies to Optimize Social Media Productivity

With the widespread reach of social networking sites, almost everybody is desperate to create an online presence with the help of social media, may it be an individual or the small businesses. The brands who are the giants in the market for the decades have also switched to social media to gain the customers from online networking sites. Social networking is a fun experience with different SNS, but they are addictive too and that’s why they may collapse your time schedule. Over use of social media may cause exhaustion, increase stress lowering the productivity. I have experimented with different strategies to optimize social media productivity since I was also getting addicted to it. 

Here are 5 important strategies which will help you manage your social media without making you a social media burnout.

1. Set the Goals for Social Media Influence:

  • Create a social media plan. 

  • Set long-term goals for Social Media influence, like number of followers you want to reach by the end of the year, posts views and lead generation.

  • Choose the Social media site(s) which can give best results to your business niche and which your targeted audience uses. Do not invest the time and money where your prospective customers engage.

  • Break them into small goals and set a target for every week. At the end of the week, keep checking analytics report. Many free and paid tools provide insights, analytics report about your performance on different social media sites, choose the tool which suites your needs. By weekly follow up you will keep the track about the return on investment (ROI) and productive time you have spent on social sites.

  • If you do not need many advanced tools, still you can check the Facebook insights or twitter reach which are available by these social networking sites for free.

2. Specify the Time Limit to Use Social Media:

  • While creating your social media marketing plan, set the daily and weekly time limit for the SNS use. 

  • Plan the strategies for the time of posting the content, for conversations and sharing the useful posts by others.

  • Do not check the updates repeatedly as this habit may lead to social media addiction; so once you have completed your daily networking and marketing tasks on Facebook drive your focus on other important tasks

3. Turn Off Unimportant Notifications: 

  • Do not keep all the notifications available by the SNS, ON. Unnecessary notifications whether on the site itself or in the mailbox will distract you.

  • Turn Off the notifications of the group updates, communities, or the apps you do not use frequently.

  • Remove the apps which you don’t need at all or which are spam.

4. Use the 'Lists' Feature:

  • Facebook and Twitter have a nice feature called Lists. Create the lists of people and pages based on the specific topics.

  • If you have hundreds of friends in your Facebook network or if you follow hundreds of pages and people on Facebook and twitter, you will get distracted by the information overload on your news feed. News feed gets updated with every new post almost every minute. Create lists on the niches you want to focus.

  • If you need multiple lists on various topics, write precise, but clear description for every list, give the proper list name to every list. List name should be indicating that which tweets or posts would find in the list. List name should be such which will not confuse you, after creating many lists. E.g., you can follow important news by creating a list of media channels’ pages which will save hours of time spent in reading the news, a list of top influencers in your niche will help you follow and share high quality content posted by them, with your followers. 

Achieve Extensive Marketing Goals by Collaborative Team Work:

When multiple admins manage the page, divide the tasks and goals among your team like content generation, conversations, tracking insights. This strategy will make it easier to manage your marketing campaign with the focus on goals.

5. Use Social Media Management Tools:

  • If you need to manage multiple social media accounts or require to create large no. of content use social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck. Hootsuite offers features like auto scheduling, custom scheduling, adding apps, bulk content uploading by Hootsuite Pro and enterprise. Additionally, by Hootsuite pro you can manage businesses by creating teams.

  • SM management tools are available in free and paid versions. Choose the right tool depending on your marketing goals.

To summarize, in short, always prepare a plan with goals and follow it so that you’ll enjoy the social media with optimum productivity.

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