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4 Top Benefits of Inserting Hashtags in Social Media Posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in SM posts.

I focus on getting real followers with steady growth, while maximum reach of every post is achieved by the use of hashtags.

From the experiments of using different hashtags in posts, comparing the reach of the posts without hashtags, in this article I have listed the top 4 benefits of using hashtags.

1. Your posts reach beyond your followers with hashtags.

Suppose you have 100 followers. When you post something without inserting relevant hashtag, the post reaches to your followers only. It’s not possible that all the 100 out of 100 followers will read your post in their timeline. In the case of Facebook, due to its complex algorithm and policy to limit the audience, your post may reach to only 10 per cent or less audience. You have spent lots of time in creating and posting something good to share with your friends, or have tried to share your thoughts and posts, but that didn’t result in increased page views, or followers.

When you insert one or two different hashtags in your posts. The post appears automatically in the search link where people are posting using the same hashtag. Obviously, the people who aren’t your followers can read your post, like, share, retweet it.

As you can see in the screenshot of search with #socialmedia, thousands of users are posting with one particular hashtag almost every second. So you can imagine despite having limited followers like say, 100 your thoughts are actually reaching to thousands of people who are reading about social media.

2. Growth of Followers.

When you consistently post with specific hashtag, just not your  content goes viral, but you get more followers too. People recognize you as the expert in the niche and they may start following you. Posts with short catchy words along with a simple # can increase your lead generation.

3. Hashtags work as Free Branding tool.

Yes! Be creative, create hashtag exclusive for your brand and then make the presence of your business viral. Same hashtag for different social sites will increase your credibility and increase cross platform followers.

4. Invite people for feedback, suggestions and chat with Hashtag.

Know what do people think about your brand, ask them feedback, invite them for online social discussion. Document customer response and improve your product and in turn sells.
People love to give suggestions, love to talk with the brands. Give them the opportunity by promoting your event by Hashtag. Chat with chosen hashtag for branding.

Graph of lead generation will go high within just one day of your online twitter chat.

Do try these simple strategies and follow the metrics, you will be surprised to see, achieving your social media goals was so easy.

Important Tip: Don't overuse hashtags in a single post which makes reader difficult to read the post.

Share your experiences, how creatively you used the hashtags, how people responded you and how it benefited to your business!

Stay tuned to MPC for further simple yet effective strategies!

Before you go, my services include creating a dedicated hashtag for your brand or a specific campaign based on the requirements of your business. I can collaborate with you online and my entire work will be based on thorough discussion with the client. I will work with your firm as an independent social media marketing consultant. To buy my services you can contact me HERE.

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