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Group Pins Edit Feature on Pinterest

Text Image: Pinterest Group Pin Edit Feature

We the pinners love to create boards for different topics keep pinning a lot of posts. When we have done pinning of 100s of posts and feel the need to make our board with new arrangement of pins, or we wish to do some clean up it becomes a boring and tedious task. If you are planning to redesign your Pinterest profile, don't just worry now! Pinterest has started a new feature which allows you to copy, delete and move group pins. 

I have tried this  feature. Let's have a quick  look at Pinterest's gift for businesses. 

Screenshot: Edit options for a Group of Pins on Pinterest Board

# Group editing of pins allows you to

1. Copy group pins

2. Move them.


3. Delete a group if you no longer want them on your profile.

# It's very easy to edit a group of pins. 

1. Just go to the a board.

2. Click on Move Pins. It appears as a 'New' option on your board.

3. Select the pins to move. 

4.  Choose move, copy or delete option. 

# Points to note before you move group pins:

1. You can select up to 50 Pins.

2. All these changes will not appear in the home feed of your followers. 

3. Only new pins appear in the home feed. 

# Best Option for Pinterest Visibility:

You can keep same pins on multiple boards as sometimes some posts can have two or more categories. Now you can arrange your pins with smart strategies to increase the visibility of your pins  

So, now with this new feature you can plan new year Pinterest strategy with more flexibility.

Time to get busy with pins and boards. Enjoy pinning!

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