2 Quick Misleading Social Media Strategies You Should Customize Before Implementing

You must have read the success strategies for social media posting like how the posts should be written, what  type of posts gets more likes, more shares, etc.  Some strategies absolutely hit the target but there are some others which are impractical and can’t be result oriented.

Let’s discuss about the most common misleading strategies much popularly shared by social media experts why should we customize them before implementing.

How to Enable Search Description in Blogger

When you search any term in search engine, you get the results as the links of different sites. Every result has a small text below the link. This small blurb is known as the meta search description. Some sites do not write the search description, so the text below the result doesn’t appear as the description. Blogger has a feature to write the blurb about the site or article posted.

4 Top Benefits of Inserting Hashtags in Social Media Posts

Text Image: Benefits of inserting hashtags in social media posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in  SM posts.

How to Pin Tweets to Twitter Profile Page

Twitter allows highlight your tweets by pinning them on the top of your profile page. Pinned tweets increase the impact of twitter timeline of the user.Let’s learn more about it.

5 Strategies to Optimize Social Media Productivity

With the widespread reach of social networking sites, almost everybody is desperate to create an online presence with the help of social media, may it be an individual or the small businesses. The brands who are the giants in the market for the decades have also switched to social media to gain the customers from online networking sites. Social networking is a fun experience with different SNS, but they are addictive too and that’s why they may collapse your time schedule. Over use of social media may cause exhaustion, increase stress lowering the productivity. I have experimented with different strategies to optimize social media productivity since I was also getting addicted to it. 

Here are 5 important strategies which will help you manage your social media without making you a social media burnout.