How To Create and Embed Twitter Custom Timeline on Your Website

Twitter allows the users to create custom timeline and create a widget for that timeline which can be embedded onto website. Enabling this feature twitter has opened more opportunity for the users to use Twitter more effectively and more comprehensively with more interactions for branding and marketing purposes.

How to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs

Facebook is not just a Social Networking site, but has become a big knowledge hub too. Earlier people used to promote links of websites and blogs on Facebook, but now due to highly increased use of Facebook for sharing knowledge, opinions and events sharing of Facebook posts on websites is also becoming important. The biggest socialization site is used by government officials, celebrities, public figures, writers, businesses. Their official announcements and opinions are being shared directly on Status updates. So, for the purpose of analysis, discussions, learning, reactions it has become important to share  Facebook posts on websites too. For the authenticity of the post we can embed Facebook posts onto our website or blog very easily.

How to Stop Your Name and Face Appearing in Google Ads

Google has recently changed their privacy policy and according new terms of Services, now your name and picture will appear in Google ads! Yes in the Google ads that we see when we search anything.  Shocking, isn't it? 

How to Add Google Plus Profile as Author Profile in Blogger Blog Posts

Blogging is the most essential tool of marketing, promoting your product online and tool to share the latest updates, news about your product. If you are using your blog on blogger platform you might have faced a problem in showing the author's bio or profile below every blog post. Many professional websites have nice and precise Author's bio at the end of every post. You must be wandering how they add it. If you add some code to blogger blog template, you can add author's profile but that will be a bit difficult for those who are not tech savvy. 

Boost Facebook Posts Organically by Optimum Use of Hashtags

Facebook page managers must have used the Boost Post or Promote Post option to increase the reach of the Facebook post by spending extra money. Boosting post is indeed a good marketing strategy. But now, by the Facebook Hashtags, it has become possible to boost or promote Facebook post naturally or according to Facebook dictionary organically without spending extra money.
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