16 March 2015

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Hashtags for Twitter Marketers

Let's see, a list of top 10 social media marketing hashtags used on twitter.

09 February 2015

4 Strategies to Build Twitter Presence for Successful Hashtag Campaigns

Marketing and promotions on social media have taken equally vital place in the budget and strategies as mainstream media advertising. Traditional print, television and radio marketing are now incorporated with social media marketing. For twitter marketing tactics, hashtag campaigns play a significant role. 

Business giants and small start-ups are ready to pour a large amount of their budget on social media campaigns by hashtags. 

Let’s discuss some winning strategies for hashtag campaigns.

24 January 2015

6 Marketing Strategies we can Learn from Vegetable Vendors

Vegetable vendors and street hawkers are the best marketers. They sell very low priced products, but they have to put all the creativity in their salesmanship for success. Every marketer whether he sells products or services, whether they are for big brands or start-ups, they need to be ingenious. There are some strategies we all can learn from Indian vegetable vendors.

23 December 2014

Group Pins Edit Feature on Pinterest

Text Image: Pinterest Group Pin Edit Feature

We the pinners love to create boards for different topics keep pinning a lot of posts. When we have done pinning of 100s of posts and feel the need to make our board with new arrangement of pins, or we wish to do some clean up it becomes a boring and tedious task. If you are planning to redesign your Pinterest profile, don't just worry now! Pinterest has started a new feature which allows you to copy, delete and move group pins. 

18 August 2014

2 Quick Misleading Social Media Strategies You Should Customize Before Implementing

You must have read the success strategies for social media posting like how the posts should be written, what  type of posts gets more likes, more shares, etc.  Some strategies absolutely hit the target but there are some others which are impractical and can’t be result oriented.

Let’s discuss about the most common misleading strategies much popularly shared by social media experts why should we customize them before implementing.