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4 Strategies to Build Twitter Presence for Successful Hashtag Campaigns

Marketing and promotions on social media have taken equally vital place in the budget and strategies as mainstream media advertising. Traditional print, television and radio marketing are now incorporated with social media marketing. For twitter marketing tactics, hashtag campaigns play a significant role. 

Business giants and small start-ups are ready to pour a large amount of their budget on social media campaigns by hashtags. 

Let’s discuss some winning strategies for hashtag campaigns.

1. Create an Active Presence on Twitter Months before Campaigns.

  • Before running a hashtag campaign plan your theme for it. Work on Long-term strategies.
  • Plan your campaigns at least 4-5 months before the event.
  • Maintain active presence on twitter.
  • Start-ups may feel it alluring to create a theme based hashtag campaign on Twitter to get a big fan following with the beginning of their twitter presence. However, it is difficult to get instant virality. Even if the campaign may get an initial success by promoted campaigns or contests, how longer will it last? Chances are less! 
  • If people forget your handle/brand once the campaign is over, campaign can not be counted as a complete success. That doesn't mean that there shouldn't be any campaign at the opening of twitter handle. However, over- evaluation of expectations of fame should be avoided. 

2. Consider these 10 questions to set the purpose, style, and tone of your twitter handle.

  • What do you offer, a product or service?
  • What do you want to tweet?
  • Do you want to help your target audience?
  • Do you give tips on a particular topic?
  • Do you give links to your website/blog?
  • What is your tone?
  • Do you reply to queries?
  • Are you an open networker?
  • Why should people follow you?
  • What will be the call to actions?

Let people know first what your handle is for.

3. Give time and efforts to grow real followers!

When real followers grow, your presence naturally reaches to their followers. When your followers and real people retweet or favorite your tweets, they get authentic engagement and more and more tweeters know about your handle and your brand. 
This is a bit slow process and it needs patience. 

Creating and posting quality content is the key here.

4. Track real growth vs. fake following

  • Return on investment is measured in different metrics like reach, retweets, engagement, and clicks to links shared.

  • Retweets by real people go viral, fake retweets are easily recognized and spam is obviously ignored.

  • You have to reach to real people for real marketing. Showing huge fan following on social media by buying followers is the easiest way to create brand popularity. Nevertheless, if you create an account and get 10000 people immediately to follow you, people can effortlessly guess the fake followers' growth.There are many tools available online which lets anybody check fake following of any handle. For active tweeters it is very easy to find the difference between real and fake following.
  • Measure engagement metrics regularly, weekly tracking is good.
  • Fake following and fake engagement with your tweet content harms reputation.
  • Your posts shouldn't be robotic, or too much automated.

The Bottom line is that whether the engagement with tweets is real or fake will be the decisive factor that makes any campaign a success or a failure or just an illusion of success.  

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