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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Hashtags for Twitter Marketers

Let's see, a list of top 10 social media marketing hashtags used on twitter.

Hashtags are crucial part of social media marketing strategic planning. We can’t even imagine a tweet without hashtags.  Hashtags are the free tool that allows us to reach the target audience with just the simple use of # with right keyword.

Twitter is the prominent social media channel which uses hashtags widely.  I find hashtags are more effective when used in tweets as compared to their use in other social networking sites.

For social media marketing enthusiasts, marketers, and growth hackers, here is a list of  top 10 hashtags used by tweeters.

Image View: Top 10 Social Media Marketing Hashtags for Twitter Marketers

These hashtags are listed in the order of popularity ranking from 1 to 10. 



3.#smm or #SMM








Tip for Capitalization in Hashtags: 

Technically speaking, capitalization doesn't matter. However, we use #tags combining two or three words, it becomes difficult for the reader  to understand them, chances are that they might ignore your tweets.  The use of proper capitalization in hashtags when necessary makes the tweet look easy-to-read and hence to retweet. 

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