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How to Pin Tweets to Twitter Profile Page

Twitter allows highlight your tweets by pinning them on the top of your profile page. Pinned tweets increase the impact of twitter timeline of the user.Let’s learn more about it.

What is Pin Tweets to Profile page Feature?

A pinned post is highlighted on the top of your profile page until you remove it. 

What is meaning of Unpin a Tweet?

A pinned tweet can be removed from the timeline which is called as unpinning of the tweet.

Here are the steps to pin a tweet.


  1. Sign in to your Twitter Account.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click on More options after Favorite option. You will see a drop down menu, click on Pin to Your Profile Page
  4. Confirm by the action clicking the Pin Button.

How to Unpin a Tweet from Twitter Profile Page:

  • Click on More options and Unpin the tweet.
  • Once you pin a new tweet the earlier pinned tweet gets removed automatically. Twitter asks before removing the previous tweet.

3 Tips to Pin Tweet Feature Effectively to Increase Tweet Views:

  1. Showcase your achievement by pinning it.
  2. Feature most important or the best tweet to drive the attention of the visitors among loads of tweets when they visit your timeline.
  3. Pin new tweet as the Featured tweet of the week.

Just be creative to get more tweet views!

What is your strategy to pin the tweets? 

Have you measured the impact of pinned tweets? 

Share in comments.

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