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Know How Negative Content Marketing Can Affect Your Sales Negatively

Content marketing plays a key role in the marketing cycle from attracting traffic to your website, lead generation to the decision and action by your buyer to buy your services or products. It is being accepted that negative and aggressive tone in your posts or social media updates can drive more leads in the modern online marketing world. Know how negative content marketing can affect your sales negatively in this article.

Many social media consultants/Gurus/experts are emerging every day. Some are independently working or working for a social media firm. Just like any other business niche, the competition in the social media field is not about growing own business, but it's more turning about how to crush the competitors. 

With this trend I stumble upon articles on SMM experts quite often, explaining many social media Gurus aren't a real experts. Okay. That's not a complete lie.  Some articles give valid and insightful reasons to choose the right social media expert for your business. 

If you search about buying followers on social media, you'll find many firms running this business of openly selling followers without even taking a note about terms of services of the social networking site, they sell followers for. Obviously, buying social media services from the agencies that do not follow careless about legal terms can put the buyer in trouble and harm their reputation. Therefore, the eye-opening articles about the truth of social media experts should be thanked, no doubt. 

Negative content marketing:

I find aggressive criticism of the competitors without raising valid points as a negative content marketing tactic. When you read the truth revealing articles and feel to thank the writer, you just notice that the writer also sells social media services. How would you feel then?

Positive approach in content marketing:

  • Can't it a better and positive approach to display our own achievements or expertise?
  • Isn't this positive approach better that we have an insightful strategic discussion with the prospects, directly or through blogs? 

In short, how I note positive and negative tones in content marketing.

Positive Tone: 

  • Why should you hire me? 
  • Why should you buy my services? 
  • The readiness to address the queries of the readers/customers.

Negative Tone: 

Why shouldn't you hire the so-called social media experts? 

(Silent Tone: I also sell social media services, please buy them.)

Effects of positive and negative content tones on the minds of the readers:

Positive tone creates an excitement and curiosity, 

'What does this person offer for my business?'

'Are their services right to grow my business?'

'How would they handle my project' 
and finally

'Should I buy their services?'

Negative tone creates a negative thought process in the minds of the readers, 

‘Thank God I came to know about the frauds in this field. Thanks to this writer.’ 

‘Oh! They also sell social media services. So that's why they wrote this article. Should I  trust them completely?’ 

'And That’s why they wrote all this.' 

'They are so aggressive and negative.' 

'How will my deal and my experience go with them?'

'I need to think before buying their services.'

The second point is that by negative tone we show ourselves so desperate to sell our services. I think,  this tactic harms sales. 

Content with a negative tone can also negative affect traffic as it harms productivity.

By highlighting our expertise we give a positive and firm message to the readers. The message that we are here in the market, yes, we are in the competition, but we are here because, we believe that we deliver the best, and we deliver what you need. 

I believe clearly discussing what I can offer and equally important point, what I can’t offer/ I don’t offer is the positive and hence better approach in the content marketing.

Final thoughts: Instead of killing the competitor, unity, cooperation and constructive criticism in any field including social media marketing is the positively strong approach to build leadership in the market.