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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.

Advanced CPC Pricing Options for Sponsored Ad

The two options of creating a sponsored ad for pages are


If you wish to configure the ad by bidding for clicks, click the third option 

See Advanced Options :


Configure Your Ad :

The options in the design of the ad will be the same like the previous options Get More Likes and Promote Your Posts.

  1. Choose from existing post

  2. Keep the ad up to date by automatically promoting the recent post



Create the new ad as I have described in the Get More Likes Option tutorial


The preview of the right hand column shown in the news feed of the targeted audience will change accordingly.  For the preview screenshots please visit the posts mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial.

The most important and good option Facebook provides is the Stories about your page.  

Once you start your ad campaign the sponsored stories about your ads will be shown in the news feed of the friends of the people who LIKE the page. By these options more people will know about your page. There is no requirement of increasing the budget in this option.  

You will have the three options only if you choose the Create New Ad option as mentioned above 

Show Stories About

  1. People Liking your page
  2. People Liking any of your page posts
  3. People Commenting on Any of Your  Page Posts

It will be better to check all these three options, as this does not require any increase in the budget.

The next important aspect of creating ad will be targeting the audience and pricing.
We will take a quick look about pricing in this tutorial. The advanced option provides bidding for CPC means the cost per click. If you do not choose this option, the you will be charged for CPM means Cost Per 1000 impressions.

Difference Between the CPC and CPM


You will be charged when someone clicks your  ad, not necessarily someone everybody clicking the ad will LIKE the page or engage with the campaign. The CPC option is better if you wish to drive more traffic to your website through the Facebook. You can simply place the URL of your website in the destination URL while creating ad and clicking 
See Advanced options you can choose CPC pricing.


Your ad will be targeted to the audience which is more likely to take action when they see your ad as per your budget. According to Facebook, CPM option is better and will help more to achieve your goal of LIKEs.  

The budget for the Ad will be fully in your control and you will not be charged more than the budget you decide.  Facebook does not take any other processing fee.
If you are creating the ad through first two basic options, still you can switch to this mode of advanced options anytime by clicking Switch to Advanced Pricing (includes CPC).

Facebook shows the suggested bid. This is the amount which is based on how many people are competing to show an ad or sponsored story on your target audience. Choosing the bid between the suggested amount  ensures that your ad or story will be shown.