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Social Media Considerations Before Finalizing Brand Name

A four-step guide to simplify your process of choosing your brand name with essential social media marketing and branding considerations.

4 Social Media Marketing Myths You Must Know

1. Fast Delivery of Facebook LIKEs and Twitter Followers :

Many marketers demand for faster delivery of Likes and Followers for Social Media Marketing Experts and many Social Media Experts can deliver the LIKEs and followers even within hours on demand.
This is the myth. The truth here is the LIKEs and followers may be fake or the provider most probably is using bot. The result of such act will be such that an investment in your marketing campaign will be wasted without the results;  additionally your Facebook page may get banned. The investment in Facebook ad creation or promoted Tweets are the right and ethical way to grow the LIKEs and followers faster.

Also growing natural fan following requires proper strategies and their implementation and continuous modification of the marketing plan and ads based on the analytics and sales report.

Marketing means reaching your potential customers and when they know your product, successful marketing campaign increases the sales. This means fake followers have no value in a successful marketing campaign

For Gaining Real LIKEs by Facebook Ads suggested Strategic Guide:

2. Millions of LIKEs are delivered with Minimum Investment :

To gain real followers, targeted audience,  marketing campaign should be run and its success depends on the ad budget. More the ad budget, the ad will reach more no. of the audience, more people will know your product and more are the chances that people may buy, share, promote your product.

The successful ad campaign also requires creativity in creating the ad. Create at least four different ads and test which is more successful.

Also depending on the niche and requirements the Social Media Marketing Expert should decide the option CPC or CPM for the ad. 

For CPC and CPM ad Suggested Strategic Guide : 

3. Instant LIKEs on Demand for a Post or Photo:

The ethical ways to gain real LIKEs for a post or Photo are

1.       Promoting post by sponsoring it.
2.       By Facebook ad, in which you can redirect the URL of the particular post in      the ad.
3.       Resharing it again on the page.

The first two options require investment and that is actually very less as compared to traditional marketing. 

For Promoting a Particular Post Suggested Strategic Guide: 

It is difficult to get REAL Followers from a Targeted Region of a particular country:

The truth is that you can create a Facebook ad campaign which targeting the area from where you want the LIKEs your customers. Facebook is used worldwide and getting customers for local businesses through Social Media is not difficult as it is supposed.

4. Creating Multiple Fake Accounts to Gain More LIKEs :

Creating multiple accounts of a single person for Facebook is against Facebook policies and it is not the real marketing too.   

Social Media Marketing Success Secret :

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